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Feb 10, 2013 04:35 PM

Does anyone know where to pick wild elderflower?

In the Montreal or surrounding (metro accessible) area, and around what time of year you have seen it? I moved this year from Vancouver and have heard that it grows wild in QC...I realize I can buy the syrup, but I want them fresh :)! Any help would be so, so appreciated !!

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  1. I have an elder tree and it starts to bloom in and around July.

    Have seen wild trees in the townships but am not sure I'd want to pick anything on public property in the city.

    1. Ok -- if anyone has an abundant elderflower tree and is willing to let me pick some, I will make you several bottles of delicious wine!

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      1. re: datingadvice88

        Hi there my name is Jon, and I too moved from Vancouver to Montreal a year ago. I work in a resteraunt here in Montreal and Im also looking for elderflowers. Mostly to make syrups and cordials for our resteraunt and bar. But if your intersted I will be looking to pick some late June to mid-July. If your still intersted

        1. re: boomboom05

          Hi Jon, I am still looking for elderflowers...if I find a supply I will let you know :)

      2. Hey folks, did you manage to find any yet?

        I'm also looking!

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          I haven't...i might go to the Concordia greenhouse tomorrow to ask if they have any ideas...?

          1. re: datingadvice88

            I just bought some seeds but I feel the return on investment might not be as early as I'd like it to be :P

            As for the Concordia greenhouse, good thinking! I didn't even think to consult them!