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Feb 10, 2013 04:20 PM

Replacement for food processor and blender that don't get enough use

Our kitchen is a mess so we have to get rid of stuff to make space for, you know, useful things.

I've had an older blender and food processor that I break out on occasion when I'm making mushroom gravy, vegetable lasagna filling or pesto but they're bulky and don't get as much use as they should. Is there a piece of equipment I should invest in that can replace these guys and maybe even encourage me to cook more?

(We have a baby coming in a few months, and I'd really like to cook beyond the lasagnas and stir fries that comprise most of my at-home cooking.)

We're vegetarians if that means anything. Thanks!

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  1. Do you have an immersion blender? I use that so much, more so than the regular blender or food processor.

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    1. re: wyogal

      Agree, my immersion blender is a 90% substitute for a blender or food processor, functionally if not theoretically speaking.

    2. It puzzles me why you'd want to put out money for something that is not a comparable substitute. A blender's main function is to liquefy, and emulsify. Your food processor can do that as well. At the very least Keep the processor. IMO a stick blender is not in the same league. Good luck.

        1. I have this immersion blender/chopper/whisk set and it comes in handy.

          With a baby on the way, however, you may want to hang on to your appliances if you plan on making any of your own purées and baby food!

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            Very good point! Both will be quite handy with feeding a little one.

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              My first thought as well. A good book on making your own baby food is a wise investment -- otherwise you end up spending the equivalent of $5/lb for carrots.

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                I never even thought about making my own baby food--that's a fantastic idea. The immersion blender sounds like a good idea--but the combo ideas below also sound good. Have you tried using the immersion blender to make sauce?

                1. re: pcaps

                  I don't make sauces with a blender, but I love my immersion blender for blending soups. And it does small jobs really well, too. So for example, I make (and you could make for your baby) five-minute applesauce: peel and core an apple and cut it in chunks; put it in a container with a little water and microwave for two-three minutes (until soft); blend with immersion blender. You'll find you use it more because it's easier to reach for, easier to clean, and you don't have to transfer hot liquids from the pot to the blender or food processor.

              2. I agree with the immersion blender. I find I tend to use it more than the blender, plus it is easier to clean. I also have no space for the blender in my small kitchen or any of its cupboards, so I store it in a cupboard in one of the spare rooms.