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Feb 10, 2013 04:14 PM

Amalfi coast and Capri

I'm off to Capri and the Amalfi coast in June. Anyone have any new ideas for lunch/dinner.

I'll be in Capri, Anacapri, Praiano, Ravello and any town in between. Ravello is my prime concern. Il Flauto de Pan looks interesting but I have never dined there. How does it compare with the two starred Michelin rated Rossellinis ? I usually frequent the likes of Cumpa' Cosimo and Trattoria Lorenzo.

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  1. In Ravello been to Rossellini's and Cumpa Cosimo. For us the later was more fun, delicious and authentic. As far as Capri, Aurora and da Giorgio were the most enjoyable in terms of food and experience. We also like Max in Positano. Lastly, one of the best nights (in Positano) we ever had was at the raw bar at Le Sirenuse. The freshest fish (raw & cooked) along with some really cold martini's. Did not disappoint.

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    1. re: SBHjunkie

      the raw bar is a great idea, I'll give that a try. Thanks for the reply.

    2. I spend a lot of time in Positano. My absolute favorite place is Da Adolfo. A laid back beach spot with a restaurant that you reach by boat.

      I have had lovely meals on spring sunday afternoons in Praiano here:

      Ristorante Da Armandino di Praiano
      Via Marina di Praia 1
      089 874087

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      1. re: gmcguireinrome

        Thank you for the reply.

        I too like Da Armandino, last time I was there was 2008. Some recent diners indicated it has become a bit 'touristy'. I doubt it, I tend to think you either fit in or you don't.

        1. re: gmcguireinrome

          The cheesecake at Armandino's (made by his wife) is the best I have ever had. Enjoy it.

          1. re: gdonnersc1

            hi going to the area on friday and love cheesecake may I ask where Armandinos is and any other must go to spots many many thanks

            1. re: ghmlondon

              Armandino's is in Praiano. You can read all of the replies for other suggestions.

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            We are staying in Praisano and, based on Hound recs, went out of our way to try Da Armandino. Maybe it was a bad night. Maybe it was different season, but our dinner was - at best - mediocre. Two microwaves visible in the kitchen. The food was "fine." I had a zucchini flower (which I love) that was stuffed with ricotta and sausage that I didn't finish. The sausage just tasted off.

            We left and came to Il Pino to finish dinner, which was wonderful. Don't know what went off, but I could never recommend it. If it's close, why not. If it's a ways away, don't bother.

          3. Lux, have you been to Acquapazza in Cetara? If not, it is worth a stop. Their colatura is fantastic.

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            1. re: ekc

              It looks like a promising spot to try, thank you for the tip!

              1. re: luxeat

                No problem! I am going to be in Positano in June and am planning on having dinner there again - and bringing their colatura back home with me!

                I will also be having at least one lunch at Da Adolfo on Laurito Beach - one of my favorite spots on the AC!!

                1. re: ekc

                  Curious as to how their colatura compares with others from Cetara or Pisciotta....I've often brought the product, we well as anchovies, home with me, and also have bought it in NYC, at Buon Italia, and cannot say that I detect a whole lot of difference between the various brands. I've had the pasta with garum at Aquapazza and agree that it is sublime.....but just wonder how their garum differs from other brands available in the area. I know they reportedly make it themselves, and I am a big fan of the restaurant, as well as of San Pietro, but is it really so different than others made by local purveyors when used by a home cook in a simple pasta dish?

                  1. re: erica

                    I honestly don't know Erica, as I have only had Acuapazza's colatura. It is true that Gennaro does make his own colatura, which is one of the reasons I am so loyal.

                    But I agree that to a cook without extensive knowledge of colatura, there may not be that much difference between different brands.

                    1. re: ekc

                      thanks, EKC! One of these days we will have to have a taste test. I could not agree more that that pasta with colatura at Acquapazza, was the distillation of a few perfect ingedients, simply cooked and worth a very long detour! (our neighbors at a nearby table make the drive from Benevento every weekend to feast there!!)

                      Somehow when I try to make the dish at home, even with great pasta, it pales by comparison! I guess another trip is in order...we still have not planned anything for fall, so maybe begin in Cetera and move south and east (??)

                      1. re: erica

                        Erica, that sounds like a great trip - after camping in Cetara for a couple of days, picking up mozzarella and yogurt at Vannulo on your way to Puglia! Since I am going to be at Acquapazza in June and will be with my friend who lives in Raito and eats at the restaurant regularly, I will see if Gennaro will tell me his secret to the dish! :-)

                        1. re: ekc

                          We need to have a chowmeet someday soon! LOVED that restaurant; see if you can snatch Gennaro's cool glasses and give them up only if he gives you the recipe! I always enjoy your trying to plan another interesting trip so will be checking back soon!

                          1. re: erica

                            I absolutely agree Erica! Planning on visiting Portland OR? :-) Haha - great idea about Genni's glasses! I will be leaving for Pos in 22 days and hope to return with at least 3 bottles of colatura ...

            2. Anyone ever been to La Conca del Sogno on the Sorrentine peninsula?

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              1. re: SBHjunkie

                No, but have friends who raved about it -- and also Da Adolfo. We stayed in Amalfi and loved Da Gemma (ate there twice), and also the restaurant in Hotel Santa Catarina (most gorgeous view ever).

                We also really liked Da Teresa on a beach near Amalfi (they send a little boat to pick you up and bring you back). Very casual beach place, but the pasta al limone was to die for.

                1. re: pastahound

                  A second vote for Da Adolfo! We stayed there for a night on our way from Rome to Raito and had a fantastic lunch. What a charming place!

              2. Just noticed the new chef at Il Flauto de Pan in Ravello ( Villa Cimbrone), Giovanni de Vivo got a Michelin star for 2013.

                Found an interesting spot ready to open on Capri in Capri, called Mamma. Looks promising, will check it out.

                Thanks for the ideas.

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                1. re: luxeat

                  Looking forward to your report upon your return Lux!

                  1. re: ekc

                    ok so here are the spots I have decided to check out for the week :

                    Capri - mamma, the new spot by Chef Gennaro Esposito.
                    Capri - Il Ricco - swanky spot I want to pull the boat along
                    Amalfi - Da Gemma - never dinned but I like all your post and accolades.
                    Praiano - Da Armandino - one of my local hangs, hope its still 'local'
                    La Conca del Sogno for lunch
                    Vannulo for a pre-arranged lunch and buffalo mozza.
                    Torre del Saracino for dinner
                    Il Lfauto de Pan for dinner.
                    Aquapazza for dinner but I have mixed feelings on this one.
                    will post upon y return.

                    1. re: luxeat

                      Looks like an all star line up. Please report back regarding your impressions. Buon voyago.

                      1. re: luxeat

                        I was wondering if you ever made it to Il Lfauto de Pan and if you still remember (I understand it was a year ago), did you like it?

                        thank you

                        1. re: arturchik

                          See Lux's post below re: Flauto de Pan