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Feb 10, 2013 02:56 PM

Rust on the bottom of cast iron skillet.

I notice the bottom side of my cast iron is rusted. Was wondering if it is okay to continue to cook with it or should i reseason the skillet?

Just to be clear, the rusted part is not where the food comes in contact. So it is the outside of the pan/


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  1. that happens to mine periodically, usually when I don't heat dry the pan after use. Never caused me any problems and I have never done anything about it. It seems to go away on its own.

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      alright thanks! i'm glad I don't have to reseason the pan yet haha.

    2. Not something to worry about. I's scrub it down with cheap salt and lots of hot water and then a dab of bacone grease... inside and out.

      1. Don't worry about it. It won't hurt anything on the outside of the pan as long as the rust is not flaking and pitting the pan. foodieX2 is correct, heat dry the pan after use. Its best to hang the pans from a hook if you have the space, it not, stow it on a wire rack atop a flat surface. Placing the pan/pot on as flat surface encourages rust if the pan/pot is not regularlly used. A little very thin coat of mineral oil helps a lot. I live on the Gulf and the salt air does not cause any problems unless I get lazy or careless.

        1. I won't worry about it if we are talking about a thin layer of rust. Just rub it off with a papertowel and water or oil, or just don't worry at all.

          1. Don't listen to them. Your pan is on it's last legs. Send it to me for quick disposal, and get a new one.