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Feb 10, 2013 02:53 PM

Mardi Gras on SE Conn shoreline

So - anybody know what spots on the SE shoreline (new haven - new london) have a special Mardi Gras menu this week?

Fat Tuesday is this week!

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  1. <crickets> -that's what I thought - I have been on dozens of restaurant websites and could find nothing,,,,,sometimes the CT shoreline can be <<<boring>>>

    1. Well, there's this (Creative Cooking New Orleans Restaurant in Westbrook), but I've never been, nor do I know of any reviews. You are closer, so you probably already know...but just in case.:

      Here's an old NYT review:

      1. If you check out the website, they have an article in their Entertainment secton called Fat Tuesday Celebrations Around Connecticut. I don't see anything along the shoreline, but you might want to check out Plan B Burger in Milford, or Cafe Routier in Westbrook. In the past, both of those spots have observed Fat Tuesday with specials.

        1. Ok - so we did go to Creative Cooking in Westbrook and had a enjoyable evening, Place was packed when we got there at 6:30 so glad we made reservations. decorated for Mardi Gras and to our surprise had a live band cranking away!

          we split a starter of the special of the night - Thai chili shrimp - spicy sauce and perfectly cooked shrimp - salads were fresh and they make a couple of their own house dressings fresh but for those that want their thousand island they offer bottled dressings and tell you that - we had their tomato vinaigrette and another salad had a raspberry vinaigrette - both very good....We ordered the crawfish stouffee and chicken jambalaya.
          Both very tasty - over red beans and rice. Had more than we could eat and took them home.

          waitress could not have been friendlier or more attentive even with the crowd there.

          they made fresh hot beignets for the sweet tooth and they were yummy -

          also my friend had brought along a cocktail recipe for some New Orleans drink she found, she brought along the recipe and small bottles of potent ginger beer and even though the place was a zoo - between our great waitress and the bartender - they went ahead and made our special drinks....

          not so good: bread they served at table tasted kind of stale and while the horseradish cheese spread was yummy - having packaged saltines to spread them on was kind of a downer...