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Feb 10, 2013 02:42 PM

Your NYC gems - Please share!

winter weekend in NYC March 1-3; Il Buco Friday night (Great Jones Street location); Marseille Sat night because has to be very near Foxwood theatre - cast member only available between 5-7; but have time Sat brunch lunch - need to be at Foxwood Theatre by 1.30 - and also Sunday until about 3 p.m. Balaboosta been suggested but any other gems would be great to know about. Staying Times Square hotel but doesn't have to be near there. Want to get to MOMA, Central Park too

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    1. re: MrsBanks

      thanks for this and reply from prolix!

    2. I had a really lovely dinner at Ai Fiori recently—and it's midtown, so, easy, but it's expensive. My sentimental pick for favorite midtown restaurant is Orso, on W. 46th. If you want to get to MoMA, The Modern is an easy suggestion. And to throw in one for good measure, not near any of those places: The Dutch. It's in SoHo, great for lunch (the fries are the best in Manhattan, I think, and if the curry donuts are still on the menu, get them for *sure*).