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Feb 10, 2013 10:38 AM

Good kimchi brands?

Anybody have a brand of store bought kimchi they like? All I've seen lately is "Mother in Law" and that stuff doesn't taste good to me.

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  1. I love all the varieties by the Tobagi brand. Especially the scallion one! It's much better than any of the ones I have made at home.

    1. I think I've tried all the brands they have at Koreana Plaza in Oakland, but their housemade ones are the only ones I've liked. The brand-name ones have odd flavors and are usually too sweet.

      There's a good new local brand but I'm not sure it's sold anywhere other than Berkeley Bowl.

      1. You could make your own. It's surprising easy. There are thousands of recipes out there. The basic idea is slice up your cabbage, add seasoning with enough salt for it to taste like a salty soup, stick in a jar or crock, keep submerged under liquid, and let it ferment.

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          This thread started as part of a topic on making kimchi on the Home Cooking board.

        2. I would suggest that you ask on your regional board because often the best kim chi options are in-house made at the local groceries, or prepared by a distributor located in a major city/city with large Korean American population nearest to you (if this community is not present in large numbers in your town) and you can look out for that specific shop or brand that may not be available in other parts of the country.

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            I agree, this board is not a very logical place to discuss the subject.

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              Well, I didn't put it here. I simply posed the question on a discussion about kimchi to those who seemed to be aficionados.

          2. I think it's OK to have the discussion here also. There are some brands that are local.

            Our coops here in the Twin Cities used to carry a Sun brand out of Chicago that was really delicious. I would always buy their white kimchi. I tried googling <Sun kim chi Chicago>, but I did not find anything.

            I think white kimchi is great for my daily dose. I don't always like it spicy.

            Now our coops carry a local brand from YON's Foods. They carry only the spicy brand, but I was able to find their white kimchi version at one of the Asian stores. Absolutely delicious.

            I did buy the "Mother-in-Law" brand at a high end specialty store here. I actually loved it. I would buy it again, but not for my daily dose.

            I think it's important to make sure it is fermented and not just vegetables in vinegar.

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              I liked the Mother In Law brand too. I bought it somewhere in brooklyn. Thought I thought it was a bit overpriced. I saw Trader Joes just started carrying it as well. Wonder how it is...