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Feb 10, 2013 02:07 PM

You Gotta Eat Here: Season 2

So "You Gotta Eat Here" is beginning Season 2 on Friday, and the Toronto restaurants that will be featured on the show are as follows:
Caplansky's, Dr Laffa, The Burger's Priest, Banh Mi Boys, Fanny Chadwick's, Murray's Sandwich Emporium, and Chino Locos.

Is anybody questioning their choices, and which restaurants do you think are missing that should be featured?

Some restaurants that I think would be great for that show are: Stockyards, Emma's Country Kitchen and White Brick Kitchen.

One of the criteria for being featured on the show is that you have to be willing to drive @ least an hour to eat there.

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  1. What is the big deal with the choices they made to feature on their show?

    Why should anyone question them? It is their show and their decision.

    You mention The Stockyards,ECK , WBC( which have ties with one another) Why not The Lakeview?why not Rose and Sons?

    Why is it that one of the criteria for the show be to drive at leats an hour to get there? Are you talking about one hour to get there from the tv studio? From the producers home?From Yonge and Bloor?Where does point A start?

    Alot of questions I think no one here has the answers to kwass .

    Maybe you should email the show.

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    1. re: Spanglo

      Wow!! You need to take a pill Spanglo. It was just a topic to have fun with. Was there any criticism in my original post? Absolutely not.

      1. re: kwass

        Kwass I just took my meds im feeling better now :)

        I am sure that if YGEH survives to see a couple of more seasons you will see all of your favorite restaurants on the show.

      2. re: Spanglo

        The idea is that anyone should be willing to travel an hour to eat at the chosen restaurant, not that the restaurant should be within an hour of any given departure point. And frankly, I can't imagine anyone travelling an hour to get to the Lakeview.

        1. re: piccola

          Exactly piccola! And it's the show's criteria. Not mine.

          1. re: piccola

            I personally don't find the show as appealing as Triple D. I have gone to many Triple D recommendations in the US and am rarely disappointed. Not fine dining - but always good variety, great value and tasty - not always healthy but always fun. The owners always get a kick making it a special treat for out-of-towners.

            I am familiar with the restaurants featured on this show - those in BC, Calgary, Ottawa, GTA and Toronto and so far, have only found Pizzeria Napoletana (?) a 'find'. And would be interested in trying out Musket and the Polish place. After googling the menus of the places featured, my kids and I usually decide to PASS. So here's hoping this year's choices (outside of the GTA) are more interesting.

            1. re: caitlink

              Really? I like YGEH. I think John Catucci (I think that's his name) is fun to watch, and I like the fact that they feature restaurants that I could actually go to, if I so choose. Whereas, I don't travel that much to the States anymore, so as much as I love Triple D, and would love to try some of those restaurants, the chances of me doing so, are pretty slim.

              1. re: caitlink

                I don't feel particularly strongly about either show, but if they're going to call some places must-tries, then I'd hope they'd pick places that are distinctive, memorable and more than just the latest fad.

                I think their choices in Toronto are defendable, even though they might not be my top choices. The only ones on the list that I haven't tried are Chino Locos and Fanny Chadwick.

                1. re: caitlink

                  I agree. I have been to many many DDDs and quite a few of the YGEH places and I must say, DDD's success rate is much higher. For me, at any rate.

                  Don't get me wrong, obviously YGEH has had some superb picks but some just leave me scratching my head. The Musket? Chino Locos? Uggh. I've also researched some of their other pics and many have not had favourable reviews. Not all mind you, but certainly many.

                  1. re: magic

                    Yup, the Musket--Vegeta Ahoy!--and The Lakeview...

                    And, an unpopular opinion coming right up--I can't stand Catucci: the mugging, posing, and generally dumb statements put me off the show some time ago.

                    1. re: pearl3

                      The hosts, at the end of the day, I don't really care about. I just care about the food and place. But I think many don't care for Catucci or Fieri. Me, all I care about is the food really.

                      1. re: magic

                        FWIW I have German neighbours and they think The Musket is fabulous. They have family in every spring from Germany and make at trip there.

                        I've never been but I'd take that as a pretty good tell.


                        1. re: Davwud

                          Only been once.

                          Service was dismal. Food was mediocre to blech. Certainly not worth the fat. A great space and would look great on TV, but I wouldn't go back personally.

                          But hey, check it out if curious. Maybe you'll have better luck.

                    2. re: piccola

                      Ok the Lakeview was a bad example.

                      1. re: piccola

                        The Burger's Priest and Banh Mi Boys are the only ones I would go out of my way for from their current list. I would and do that for Stockyards now and I want to try Dr Laffa but it is too far for me! :-)

                        1. re: JennaBean

                          I wouldn't go to Dr Laffa without access to a car. :) I know several people who will brave a long transit ride to get to Stockyards; Burger's Priest (the original) is just a little too far for me, but then again, I'm not crazy about their veggie burger. Luckily none of us have to go too far for Banh Mi Boys.

                          1. re: JennaBean

                            Dr Laffa is opening a 2nd location @ Bathurst and Lawrence, so you'll be able to try it soon :)

                            And I would also travel an hour for Stockyards!! Love that place!!

                        2. those are all decent-ish toronto choices, the only one i've never been to is fanny chadwicks but only three of them (laffa, priest, banh mi boys) fall into any kind of regular rotation. the blt at murrays is chill and caplanskys has been ok in a pinch once or twice, but the last time i went to chino locos (church location) i got like... congealed or curdled or something sour cream in my burrito and i almost yakked. was a shame cuz i had enjoyed it the couple times i had tried beforehand. obviously my experience isn't reflective of the overall qc at that place but it was enough to turn me off, oh and then chipotle opened near there too so i never went back.

                          it's cool that most of those places are relatively recently open too, i have found on YGEH in the past they were focusing on these 'institution' kind of places. in my eyes, a solid 80% of the time institution just means 'crap that people grew up on and can't look at objectively' and i avoid the hell out of it, so i'm glad they've stepped up a bit.

                          agreed on all three of your other suggestions too, i haven't been to wbc or eck but have heard good things about both and they seem to fit the vibe, i bet they could win over some new customers with an appearance (myself potentially included)

                          not sure what else is in there... to the guy who mentioned rose and sons i definitely don't think it has a YGEH vibe haha

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                          1. re: disgusti

                            recently tried chino locos @ greenwood, and definitely not impressed--had their chicken tinga and it was pretty underwhelming, with no distinguishing flavour notes--it was nicely toasted, but didn't rise above simply being filler. definitely not destination worthy

                          2. I hate when he isn't in Toronto, makes me want to travel lol

                            plus one for Stockyards

                            Holy Chuck too

                            1. Did he do one for Memphis Fire BBQ in Winona? I thought it was suppose to be in Season 2 but I looked at the "list" that I found and didn't see it on there. Was it in Season 1? I am pretty sure they announced filming there at the time.

                              From the episodes of the show that I have seen they tend to focus on a dish or two that is really popular at a restaurant no vs a spot being "overall" good. I place like Caplansky's has a good "Story" behind it, revival of the deli, jewish history, etc so would make for good tv (plus, he is already somewhat known from his Dragon Den's appearances/etc). Burger Priest has the "theme" with church related things, secret menus, etc.

                              1. I understand that Made in Mexico in Newmarket is part of this upcoming season as well. I'm not sure if that fits into the TO part.

                                Anyway, the show is what it is. I'm not a fan of Catucci but don't dislike him either.

                                I've gotten a few ideas of places to eat thanks to the show.

                                I'm all for the recommendations that people have posted. I'll add Folia Grill and Stack Smmoked. Love both those places.