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Feb 10, 2013 12:39 PM

Buster's Cove inside the St. Lawrence Market ... the best place for seafood!

A great little take-out (or eat-in) seafood place inside the St. Lawrence Market that sells the best prepared grilled and deep fried seafood!. Everything on the menu is amazing ... I usually order their grilled items (sardines, trout, tilapia, halibut steak, whole red snapper), but I've eaten their deep fried haddock and chips several times too. I'm not a big fan of their curly fries (I prefer straight-cut style, but they don't offer that) and their coleslaw is merely "meh" ... but who cares? You're here for the seafood! I tried their seafood orzo and lobster roll for the first time yesterday ... ohmigosh ... delicious! Buster's Cove is extremely busy on Saturday's and although the set-up looks a bit disorganized after you pay for your food, the friendly team behind the counter knows what they're doing and have a good system going for them (even though to a customer you might think they're running around with their heads cut off). This is my favourite place to eat in the St. Lawrence market. It's not super cheap, but the food is super good and you definitely won't leave hungry with the massive portions they give you!

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  1. the shrimp po boy while not necessarily traditional is delicious and one of the guys who washes dishes or does prep or whatever there looks like telly from kids, so i give it a solid 7.9/10

    1. Yes, this place is stellar, I particularly enjoy the hallibut sandwich, and I actually really like their coleslaw *and* their curly fries. The menu is not cheap but the quality is good and there's an attention to detail that goes beyond what you'd expect. The lineups are perpetually insane but they have an efficient number system that minimizes the hassle for customers.

      And good news for those in the Financial District: apparently they're opening a location in the PATH soon!

      1. Good to hear!

        The same Buster's as I first saw years ago out on the Lakeshore, I assume. Buster is an orange cat, if so.

        The year they were at the Ex, in the Food Building, their fish sandwiches were incredible, and huge as well. I've missed them there, since.

        I hope, as it goes into franchise [I guess], the quality stays the same.

        1. Try the Boston Blue fish sandwich. It's cheap and absolutely stacked with fish. Delicious.

          It's not just busy on Saturdays. When I go there for lunch, I'm always sure to arrive before 11:45.

          1. they changed the fries a while ago. They no longer do the curly fries, only the straight cut.