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Feb 10, 2013 11:39 AM

Best seafood in Chinatown ?

What's the current consensus on where I can get the best and freshest seafood meal in Chinatown these days? I see lots of differing opinions on Peach Farm, Jumbo, east ocean, etc. What's the best place to get salt fried shrimp, calmari and ginger lobster ? Also, extra bonus points if they might have the fresh Maine shrimp !

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  1. There is no current consensus; probably Peach Farm gets the most support, but the others have their proponents.

    1. East Ocean City is my favorite followed by the Peach Farm. If you really want to spurge and have a group of four or more people my favorite dish at East Ocean City is the Alaskan King Crab with salt and chilli pepper. It is absolutely delicious but very expensive because the crabs are live from tanks in the restaurant but one crab will easily feed four or more people as a part of multi-course dinner. I also always try to get the Geoduck clam if they have it. They serve it in two courses. First it comes as sashimi and they follow this with the belly of the clam deep fried. The also do great lobster dishes and steamed fish.