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Feb 10, 2013 10:57 AM

spaghetti squash

I've had a spaghetti squash staring at me for a week now. I'd like to do something with it NOT like spaghetti.

Any suggestions?

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    1. re: wyogal

      I make a quinoa egg bake with raw quinoa and egg custard. I wonder if I can use par-cooked spaghetti squash as the base? Hmmm, might be on to something.

      How do you use it to make a fritatta?

      1. re: pagesinthesun

        Mix whatever you want, sauteed onion, other veggies, cheese, meat, etc, with eggs and some milk, then pour over the cooked squash in a pie plate, bake.

        1. re: wyogal

          Yeah! I'm doing this this week. Thanks again

    2. be interesting to watch this as I have only liked it shredded like spaghetti and tossed with butter and parm or with a nice marinara. In other words, without tasting the squash. I tried roasting it once and it was watery and never caramelized. Was not appealing visually or tasty.

      1. I saw this on tv and it looked awesome. Boil whole squash for about 10 minutes until tender. Cut in half, scoop out seeds.

        Saute zucchini, regular squash, eggplant, any of those type veggies, or any you like. Mix them with some of the spag. squash (like making a stuffed potato), and some marinara sauce. Put filling back into shell, top with some bread crumbs and bake until bread crumbs are toasted.

        It was served with more marinara sauce, and it looked like it would be great!

        It's been a while since I've seen it, and I can't find where I wrote everything down, or I could be a lot more detailed; I just remembered the idea of everything.

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        1. re: luvcubs

          Do you put the mixture back in the spaghetti squash shell? Is that edible?

          This is a good start to making stuffed zucchini boats.


          1. re: pagesinthesun

            Yes, it goes back into the shell to bake & serve. I don't know if the shell is edible, but there's still some 'squash' inside.

            I guess it would be edible, I've eaten acorn squash shell...

            I never thought about that! (I haven't made this, waiting on summer to try, but I thought it just looked wonderful).

        2. I have made this Emeril Lagasse recipe:

          (But it is spaghetti-like.)

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          1. re: drongo

            Thanks for the recipe. I have made something similar, but I like the suggestion of different herbs. I've always used parsley.


          2. Never made this.... But I also have one sitting at home staring at me and was thinking about doing a fritter almost like a latke.


            will probably go my usual route and do squash alla carbonara!