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Feb 10, 2013 10:25 AM

Where to find the BEST Nachos in SF bay area.... then best in east bay area?


Okay where can one find the BEST Nachos in the entire SF bay area.

Then the Follow up question of where in is the best place in the East Bay.

Lets just say driving there isn't an issue if they are good...

Last question.... which place has the spiciest Nachos :-)

Thank you!

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  1. I like the nachos at Triple Rock in Berkeley.

    I've never been served spicy nachos. I think you'd have to make them spicy yourself by adding hot sauce.

    1. I suggest you make them at home. I'll wager there are few restaurants that make nachos properly. Drizzling something like Cheez Whiz (or the Slow Food equivalent!) over tortilla chips does not constitute a plate of nachos. Each individual tortilla base should be spread with lardy refritos, topped with some grated cheese, then topped with a jalapeño slice or two, or three! Then placed under a broiler of some sort. Done. How hard is that? Funny, I would never dream of ordering nachos in a restaurant because it is so easy to do at home, and restaurant versions are usually pathetic. Straighten me out, there are some gems out there??? But really, to make them "spicy", meaning hotter, you add slices of chiles, normally jalapeño.

      1. Puerto Allegre serves my favorite nachos. I always get the veggie ones. Theirs is not spicy, so I end up adding some of their salsa to it when it arrives at the table.

        That said, I agree with sambamaster that nachos are such a simple dish, it will be hard to argue that one place serves the "best." Any place that mixes good fresh ingredients and manages to get the nachos to the table with some crispness left in the chips is going to serve a winner.

        1. "best" is such a personal thing that I can't imagine how any one place could ever be judged as having the ultimate dish (of anything).

          For example, my spouse and I don't mind soggy chips - well, a little soggy, not falling-apart-soggy. And actually, I don't like the usual leaden, overweighted-with-greasy-cheap-cheese versions.

          I like La Calaca Loca/Oakland, using the carne asada, because I like my nachos with meat. Whole beans and real queso fresco - their version satisfies completely without being heavy or greasy. Eat it in-house and they bring you three big squeeze bottles of medium, hot, and super-hot sauce; you can put on as much or little as you like.

          Otherwise, the NY Times' recipe for Short Ribs Chili Nachos was judged a winner at our recent Super Bowl party: I used a chuck roast, but it comes out pretty much the same. The way it's assembled makes for a lighter dip – with no change in the quantities, it made two big casserole pans. Much better than the usual ground beef nachos.

          1. I like the nachos at Papalote.