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Feb 10, 2013 10:10 AM

north conway visit

hi, heading to north conway for 2 nights next week...
we wont be in the area to ski, just relax and prob have a few cocktails :)
we were thinking of having dinner one night at the wildcat tavern, any other suggestions? suggestions for places with good cocktails?

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  1. The last 2-3 visits to the Wildcat Tavern have been borderline horrible. I would stay away- not sure if they have new ownership/chef but locals have mentioned it going downhill as well. I highly recommend White Mountain Cider Co. ( ) for great cocktails and food- some of the best in the valley imho. For local beer and really good comfort food (in-house smoked meats, awesome chilis and well executed pub fair) I suggest you stop at The Moat at least once or twice ( ).

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      yes yes yes to the WHite Mountain Cider Co. Their fries with blue cheese are amazing, the drink menu is imaginative. I had the maple glazed pork last time I was there and it was wonderful.

      The Flat Bread Pizza company is great too. Winters are tough for anything but winter greens but they are known for their farm to table approach. I have only had beer so can't speak for the cocktails.

    2. Try the Red Parka Inn. Good kind of ski pub and decent food. Also stay at the Bernerhof Inn, best homemade breakfast around!

      1. Too late I fear, but we love May Kelly's Cottage. Their Irish Mixed Grille is delicious.