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Feb 10, 2013 09:51 AM

Seafood Restaurants - Naples?

Hi Everyone,

Spending 12 days in Naples. Just made it out before Boston got hit with 28" of snow!

I'm looking for top seafood restaurant suggestions.

Any advice?

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  1. Tarpon Bay at the Hyatt Coconut Point and the Bay House are the only "seafood" restaurants I recommend. I particularly like Tierney's Tavern inside Bay House for more casual and less pricey food. USS Nemo may get some shouts but I think they have gotten a bit stale the last few years. Great seafood can certainly be found at restaurants not specializing in fish.

    Inca Kitchen is Peruvian and serves incredible seafood dishes. I think it's the best restaurant in Naples. Chops has a wonderful pan seared black grouper. I've had terrific fish at Sea Salt, although they are pretty expensive. Angelina has whole snapper baked in sea salt, which is to die for. Pinchers is good for the basics like oysters, clams, etc.

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      Awesome! Thanks so much for your insight. I'd love to try The Bay House. I know that the Tavern side doesn't take reservations. Any idea what the wait would be like on a Tuesday evening this time of year?

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        I don't think the wait would be too bad and if so, they make some great cocktails.

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          Thank you so very much for your suggestion! I went last night with my Mom (Dad was too exhausted from golf to join us ;-) ). Mom was so impressed with the inventive menu. We ordered three mason jars as an appetizer. The crab bisque was delicious as was a special smoked fish dip. I had the seafood blt on fried green tomatoes...Yum! Mom thought her portion was a little on the small side (something on rice) but she was so happy with how great it tasted she didn't really mind (I also reluctantly shared a few bites off my plate with her which could have been her sneaky plan all along). We topped our delicious meal off with a brown butter dessert which also was awesome. We ended up eating in the tavern with live music. Service was attentive but not overly so to be annoying. I know my parents will be back especially as they are entertaining many guests over the next two months. Highly recommended!

    2. A couple of years ago we had a pretty good meal with a great view at the Boathouse.

      1. We had a wonderful seafood meal at The Dock at Crayton Cove in Naples two years ago:

        1. Not many truly seafood restaurants here in SW Florida.

          Reverend Andy is right on with Tarpon Bay but it is in the hotel, and many are not inclined to go there.

          I like Trulucks. They aren't seafood per se, but they have a good selection and things are well done. They are one of the few to have their own boats and fisheries. They have a Stone Crab special one day a week.

          Roy's does seafood very well but I wish they would focus more on Florida seafood. Season's 52 is also good. Both of these are small chains but more chef driven than industrial like their parents (Outback and Darden).

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            When my friend comes down to join me from Connecticut I am planning on taking her to Trulucks for happy hour! Seems like a great way to enjoy a fun evening. :-)

          2. Dined at Inca's Kitchen last evening and it is even better than ReverandAndy lets on. A must do. Really fresh fish. Fabulous ceviche. Inventive and rich mains, but opt for the upcharge corvina, not the default tilapia. Ask them to throw on some mixed goodies. We're here until Sunday and will probably go back at least once.