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Feb 10, 2013 09:42 AM

Wknd in LA - esp lunch & dinner in Hollywood

Hi everyone,
A vegetarian friend and myself (staunchly omniverous), both from nyc, will be exploring LA next wknd. Need recommendations for:
* recovery bloody marys and brunch/lunch in hollywood or vicinity. must have outdoor seating (excuse to hide behind sunglasses); pref not too pricey.
* dinner in hollywood or vicinity. don't care much about price; just needs to be veg-friendly but still a memorable meal. we're more interested in good food, wine, cocktails, and service; not so interested in scenes/hipness.
* sunday dinner in sta monica. we'll get post-beach drinks at the galley, but not interested in eating there. looking for something casual ("ethnic" would be good) and, again, veg-friendly.
thanks in advance!

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    1. If you're on the adventurous side and into seeing a little local color, I'd recommend the build your own bloody mary bar at La Cita, which is downtown. The inside portion of the place is an old school Latino hangout but if you proceed to the back patio, it's a hang for the black t-shirt, local musician, tattooed set. The bartender, a pleasant local rocker named Calixto, makes amazing bloodies with all manner of fixins, like thick cut bacon, pickled green beans and aged blue cheese.

      This is a decidedly non-tourist spot that may be a bit intimidating for the uninitiated but it's certainly worth checking out.

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      1. re: JeMange

        hell yes.
        i think i read that they do a "punk rock happy hour" friday nights... didn't know about the bloodies. thanks!

        1. re: nyf201

          They do "Angry Hour" on Fridays, which is fun as well and features pretty much the same crowd.

      2. 25 Degrees - the casual burger place at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is open 24 hours and everything is suprisingly good. Their kale salad would be great for your friend. They have Bloody Marys as well. For Sunday dinner in S M - FarmShop is good but not ethnic. Gloria's on Venice Boulevard (east of S M) has wonderful Mexican and Salvadorian food. Sawtelle Boulevard in West L A has the best Asian food.