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Feb 10, 2013 09:04 AM

Chicken Pot Pie in The City

It was a rare Friday night when I didn't feel like cooking, and I remembered seeing chicken pot pies to go at Brioche Bakery on Columbus, so I thought I'd take a chance that they had a couple, and sure enough, they did. It was an entirely satisfying experience, a puff pastry top on a rich, chicken-y gravy (which could have been thicker, with a few more inclusions, but I'm just whingeing) with a completely acceptable side salad for about a sawbuck.
The only threat to the future of pot pie Fridays is that their production is inconstant. Any other sightings of pot pies between say Sausalito and North Beach? Any more out of my way, and I might as well cook.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Had the chicken pot pie at Town's End a few years back and it was awful. It tasted only of sage.

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        Thanks for the tip, but I was really looking for "not awful". But now that you mention it, I had a blueberry "muffin" at Town's End once that would have made a seagull sick.

      2. Liberty Cafe still has it on their menu. Can not testify to the quality but people loved it 12 years ago.

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          Same here. Used to be excellent, and its still the mainstay of the menu. But its been a while, and a new owner, since I had it. But it is also far from the OP's target zone.

          1. re: BernalKC

            I also should have specified a preference for take-out to warm at home. Thanks, Aldo.

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              Well, for us folks in the East Bay, it's best to go to Bakesale Betty and order ahead of time their frozen 9" chicken pot pie, for pickup the next day. Baking takes 1 hr.

              Outside of having less gravy than I yearn for, it's as close to perfect as you can get. Big chunks of juicy chicken breast, some cooked carrots but no other filler, tasty gravy (what there is of it) - what really makes it is that butter pastry. Man, that is one FINE pastry dough! Makes everybody else's pot pie pastry taste like cardboard.

              Not cheap, but quality never is. If you were taking it all the way back across the Bridge, you will need sufficient icepaks. That dough defrosts really quickly, and the pie is meant to be cooked while still frozen.

              1. re: jaiko

                Is Bakesale Betty still making the pot pies? I haven't been in quite a while because of the wacky hours and since they stopped making many items.

                p.s. I thought Liberty Cafe changed owners...pot pie could still be good, just saying.

            2. re: BernalKC

              I still love the pot pie at Liberty too. New owners have freshened things up but kept the menu true to Liberty's roots & good baking. Side note - outside patio is great.

              1. re: RBofSF

                I had it a few nights ago at the Liberty Cafe for the first time in a long time. Still delicious, lots of gravy.

            3. re: chefj

              I've had the pot pie recently and thought it was excellent. I probably liked it better than the version I had under the original owners. The only drawback is the price.

            4. it's not chicken pot pie, but a savoury meat pie that anyone who likes c.p.pie would probably quite enjoy -- on the menu of Incanto (not in your geographic limit lines), filled with deboned pig trotter and oxtail, light broth, rutabaga, shallot, and a delicious, meaty variety of mushroom. comes in a three inch deep cassoulet the size of a small cinder block, meant to serve two. the puff pastry on top is buttery but not greasy and better tasting than just about any dessert pie pastry around, very flaky but still holds together.

              1. When I was in the Ferry Building last week, I noticed that Golden Gate Meats prepared food counter had pot pies. According to the sign, the meat filling changes regularly so it won't always be chicken.