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Feb 10, 2013 08:49 AM

Chicken Stock Fat storage

I tried my hand at making my own chicken stock today. It looks/smells wonderful. But after I refrigerated it, it had a layer of fat which I removed (I intend to freeze most of the stock and the directions said to remove the fat prior to freezing).

I intend to use the fat in lieu of butter for sauteeing veggies or as a base for stew, etc. How long will this stuff last in the fridge? Is there a standard timeframe or do you look for mold or weird smells? I am very leery of meat (and poultry in particular) and tend to throw things out before they are really bad because I don't want to risk it. I know this is a bad habit and is wasteful to say the least.

Does anyone know the proper storage procedures and time frame for that layer of fat you remove from chicken stock? I intend to store it in a tupperware in the fridge. But there is a lot of it and I am not sure I can use it up in a week.


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  1. It will keep for a long while, months.
    It keeps best if there as few impurities in it as possible. I usually melt it in a pot and pour off the pure fat leaving any stock or bits behind.
    Allow to cool and put a piece of plastic directly on the surface and refrigerate of freeze.

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        Because you really don't _need_ to freeze it...it keeps just fine in the fridge for a very long time.

      2. First, if you are freezing stock, leave a thin layer of fat on it, to deter freezer burn. Remove it before thawing and using the stock. The rest of the fat will last for weeks in the fridge but you can freeze it indefinitely. If you use small containers, or heavy freezer bags, so there is no/minimal air in contact with the fat, it will resist freezer burn.

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          Make sure to double bag. Trust me. Grrr.

          I too leave the fat on the stock when freezing in tupperware.

          If you want to skim and save the fat and then use it within a couple weeks, just pop it in a little plastic storage container. For longer term I (read I) would freeze it in a cube container and then pop the cubes into saran wrap and then those into a ziplock with the air removed. ps I do the same with things like tomato paste and pesto sauces.

        2. It will mold if there are pockets of liquid in the fat. If you are going to use it up quickly I wouldn't worry but for longer term storage I'd reheat it and make sure any hidden liquid is evaporated.