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Feb 10, 2013 08:34 AM

In search of 'Chiu Chow soya marinated 滷水 GOOSE LIVER' in Hong Kong

Personally, I know of quite a few good Chui Chow restaurants scattered around town. From the 1* Hung's delicacies to those around the 'Chui Chow row!' in Sheung Wan's Queen's Road area..... They all serve marinated goose meat and other meat/innards assortments...etc

However, can any chowhounders pin point specifically which Chui Chow eateries feature ' fresh marinated GOOSE LIVER ' in their repertoire? They tend to be rare and sell out real early! Thx!!

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  1. Sounds like a tough one to come by. No idea if they use fresh goose vs "ice fresh" goose (similar situations with chicken) but

    "滷水鵝肝 + openrice" via google:

    潮州邨Chiu Chow Chuen in Tin Hau

    鹵八鵝店Lo Pak Restaurant in Wanchai (should be near Kam Fung cafe and that place famous for curry pork chops), probably best to call to reserve (from user: 鹵八的肥鵝肝要預訂,不是時時供應). Should be the best choice out of them all.

    生昌潮州海鮮酒家 in Tai Wai

    正斗潮州滷水鵝專賣店 in Sheung Wan

    using google blogsearch here's another listing:

    潮味居 in Wanchai

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      + 潮滙館 in Cheung Sa Wan. According to what I've read, this restaurant imports goose liver from France to make their marinated goose liver.

      1. re: K K

        Wow!! Many thanks for your help!!
        Guess the secret is either to call ahead or arrive early to ensure availability!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          + Chong Fat Chiu Chow Restaurant 創發潮州飯店 in Kowloon City according to one of my favorite bloggers. Yes best to call ahead to make sure they have it before going to avoid disappointment.

          Do note that some of these places are the da lang / dai pai dong style that do a lot of cold dishes (even if they have the liver), so décor is lacking, and on top of that you cannot order Chiu Chow banquet type dishes like taro duck 芋泥鴨, since that is not what they do.

          潮滙館 is very close to Cheung Sa Wan MTR station so it's very convenient. They are also known for 生醃瀨尿蝦, where they take mantis prawn (raw) and marinate it in high concentration alcohol to sterilize it, then serve it in a mix of garlic, soy sauce, and chilis. Sound like the perfect dish to wash down with more alcohol! If you go, please report back (and take photos). If you call to reserve the liver, might as well reserve the fresh goose intestines too.

          1. re: K K

            Hello KK,
            I am aware of the 'hole-in-the-wall' and late-night nature of some of those places. In fact, one place I visited a year or two ago was in the middle of Hung Hum's funeral home district, but the food was so damn good and cheap!! The wok-hay was amazing and the ' Stirred fry goose intestine with Chinese mustard green and black bean sauce' was out of this world!!
            Surprisingly, they also do a whole bunch of claypot rice!
            I need my cousin to bring me back this coming March!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              wait what was this place called again? i want to write it down on my list, i remember you talking about it, but i forgot to write it down..any place serving good stuff with good wok hai is going on my list haha

              1. re: Lau

                I think you can see the name of the place at the lower right hand corner of the menu board?!

              2. re: Charles Yu

                Yeah these types of neighborhood places sure do rock. In certain districts the masculinity presence in there is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Perfect male bonding grounds for bromance and beer food! Love the pic of the black bean bell pepper stir fried goose intestines! Good stuff.

      2. Hi Charles,

        Of all the places listed, I would recommend Chiu Chow Chuen just for their goose liver, its always cooked such that its always creamy and never overcooked which tends to happen at a lot of other places. And at 88 hkd per serving, makes you wonder why you pay a premium for foie gras at fancy restaurants elsewhere. hope that helps

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            Charles Yu - i found this blog that I like and the liver at chiu chow chuen looks wonderful on it

            his english isn't great, but this blog has a ton of content...its a good blog

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Don't forget to pack your Crestor tablets, old chap.

              1. re: klyeoh

                On this trip, I am relying on a lot of 'walking'! ( just like the time I lived in Paris - all the butter, cream and Foie Gras and I did not gain any weight or cholesterol level!! Thanks to red wine and walking! )

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  That's exactly what I did during my Dec/Jan trip. Ate slots of delicious yet quite a number of unhealthy foods and walked at least two MTR stations worth after each meal (more if I went shopping) and didn't look like I gained weight. I think the most damaging thing I ate was fatty cha siu at Fu Kee Congee in Mongkok, where it was somewhere in the region of 80% to 90% fat, and it didn't taste oily or greasy at all, like "ice meat" (fatty pork cured in sugar). The downside from the walking is that you inevitably inhale a lot of cigarette smoke and car exhaust commuting to the next eating destination.

                  1. re: K K

                    haha i did that going to Tak Kee, but it was kind of a mistake bc i walked from the sheung wan MTR to Tak Kee in Western so by the time i got to the restaurant i was literally drenched in sweat despite the fact that i was wearing a tank top (this was mid august you're pretty sweaty no matter where you walk)

                    was worth it though bc i was starving by the time I got to Tak Kee and I thought that place was very good

                    1. re: K K

                      That's why when I am doing a lot of walking in HK, I always carry a bottle of distilled water or Vitasoy. Not for drinking, but for goggling or rinsing the mouth! In super- congested places like Ming Kok or Causeway Bay, I can actually feel 'dirt deposits' at the back of the mouth!!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        Lau, there's always the ding ding tram (Sheung Wan to Western and vice versa). But if it were not for walking I would not have known where the Sheung Wan flagship branch of Chan Kan Kee is on my way from MTR station to Yuen Kee desserts. Next time, maybe I'll explore more of that Chiu Chow neighborhood.

                        Trying to imagine what water or Vitasoy goggles look like if you put them on a helmet Rugy Sevens style, then spit it out off the sidewalk from rinsing the mouth, if a policeman will write you a ticket haha. Then again they probably don't write tickets for the 強國人 who do worse things with the sidewalks...

                        1. re: K K

                          haha go to google images and type in 強國人 and see what pops up...its exactly what you're talking about

                          i also want to make it a point to eat more in western / sheung wan. i ate there twice last time and seems like there are a ton of gems there

              2. re: greedyb

                Thank you! I'll keep that in mind for my next trip! Most probably bringing along CRESTOR to counteract the cholesterol!! Ha!

              3. Right in front of me is the takeout menu that I got from Chan Kan Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant that I almost forgot about.
                The menu applies to both Wanchai and Sheung Wan locations. Soyed Goose Liver is item 8416, at HK $88 a plate.
                Also listed on the menu are marinated/"soyed" kidney, intestine, head + neck. I didn't order the liver when I was at the Wanchai branch, but got the combo (wings, feet, 5 spice marinated pork belly, intestine, and tofu) . That was $158, $10 more than a plate of sliced goose breast meat! :-o

                1. I am facebook friends with "Gigi" whose family runs and manages Ser Wong Fun. She just posted this photo of marinated goose liver at the cooked food stall center in Sheung Wan Leun Hing
                  上環熟食街市聯興潮州飯店. That area is literally Chiu Chow haven for cheap quality eats.

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                  1. re: K K

                    Would help if I actually added the pic...

                    1. re: K K

                      damn...just not available in NY, def need to go to asia this year

                      1. re: Lau

                        Just imagine some chef inventive enough to take a whole Hudson Valley Foie Gras and make a 滷水 version of it??!! Should be soooo yummuy and ultra CREAMY!!!!

                        1. re: Lau

                          Imagine some chef inventive enough to take a whole Hudson Valley Foie Gras and make a '滷水' version out of it??!! Result should be damn yummy and super-creamy!!! Pair it with a nice glass of noble rot late harvest Riesling or Gewurtztraminer!! OMG!!!!

                          1. re: Charles Yu

                            seriously someone should do that, i like 滷水 versions much better than the stuff most high end restaurants in NY churn out with Hudson Valley...holy crap that would be awesome