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Feb 10, 2013 08:19 AM

Yogee Is Back In Chinatown (Beef Stew Rice Rolls, Crispy Fried Fish Skin and More)

Ever since Yogee closed last summer after losing its lease, I've been waiting for a report on what might take its place. Not having seen anything on this board I went by the location and found there was a new restaurant called 85 Restaurant, continuing the annoying Manhattan Chinatown tradition of naming your restaurant after your street address, in this case 85 Chrystie St. (Haven't seen this convention anywhere else except for the New Year transplant who named his L.A. area restaurant Dumpling 10053, even more annoying when such a large number is involved.) As I perused the menu I saw the listing for beef stew rice rolls. "Gee," I thought to myself. "How nice of them to honor the prior tenant's signature dish." Tasted just as good as Yogee's. Also saw the crispy fried fish skin, which I never had before, but since I was traveling by myself this time there wasn't anybody to stop me from ordering it. Really great, tasted like pork rinds which I reluctantly gave up eating many years ago. Also had the seafood rolls which were also very good. It was only later that I found out that 85 Restaurant is Yogee reincarnated, with landlord problems apparently patched up. Since Yogee was my second favorite Chinatown restaurant behind South China Garden (albeit a distant second), I'm happy that they're back.

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  1. I lime Yogee, too. I'll to try the fish skin. We had watercress with fu yu, chicken salt fish casserole, and I don't remember what else. And it's very near the Grand St. Station.

    1. I think the menu is the same too.

      1. i had noticed this as well

        Yogee was originally famous for their beef brisket stew and their herbal tea. it started out as a street cart that got very popular then they opened a restaurant. i originally thought it was pretty good (long time ago), but then i thought the food went downhill pretty badly, but its been a while since ive been there. would be curious to try it again

        fried fish skin is not an uncommon dish in hong kong, you see it reasonably frequently. I get it every once in a while at noodle village