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Feb 10, 2013 07:35 AM

Chez Sardine - GREAT!

Just wanted to throw a quick comment about how much we enjoyed CS. Finally got in last week and already thinking about when we can go back.

Started with a couple of their signature cocktails and they were both expertly made and had great taste. I then had every sushi they offered and they were all very very good with a couple that were just incredible, beef and uni, smoked artic char, hamachi. Also tried a spicy tuna roll (very untraditional approach) that was great. I then moved on to the miso glazed salmon head, it was so good any semblance of etiquette went out the window and I picked it clean with my hands. I was full by now but there was a special monkfish liver I had to try and was glad I did.

The restaurant is the size of a postage stamp and buzzing with energy, the staff was all wonderful. Request a seat at the sushi counter if you enjoy interactive dining, the Chefs were very engaging. All in all a great meal and a fun time.

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  1. We were there Sat. night and loved the food. Walked in at 5:45 and got seated immediately. Started with excellent martinis. Tried a variety of food --cod fritters, mackerel sushi and char sushi, brussel sprouts, and maki tempura shrimp.

    1. Foie gras and smoked cheddar grilled cheese sounds really good to me.

      1. Tell me more about this place?...i'm confused -- it's experimental sushi or fusion or...i went to the website and i still don't get it...but i've walked by and it looks cute...

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          It's the head chef from Fedora trying his hand at Japanese izakaya style food. It's non-traditional.

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            Thanks for link...the hamachi collar might be yummy and i like that they have many wines...but multiple mentions of mayo in the write-up and the frighteninly cute/decorative fusiony pics on their website will likely make this one a no-go for me personally...mayo does not belong within ten miles of sushi...

            1. re: Simon

              I can't find the review I wrote, but the chefs were totally not engaging when I went. The sushi was made by inexperienced non-Japanese sushi chefs. The sushi menu is very limited to what they make i.e. and all. Some strange combinations. It's a busy loud tiny place. I have not returned.

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                I think I read that the chef was not trying to be traditional at all when it came to sushi and that he was 'self-taught' - and that's why the sushi combinations were unique.

                I agree the place is tiny (that's why it’s named Chez sardine - because the people are packed in like sardines) and can be loud. Its definitely not an everyday place for me - but I had fun when I went.

        2. Had a nice dinner here last night. Got there around 6:30pm and was seated immediately at a banquette table. Started out pretty quiet as it was a Monday night, and quickly filled up and got pretty loud.

          The amuse of daikon in dashi with bonito flakes was nice. A little tart and a little spicy. We liked the pork and unagi hand roll but like all other hand rolls I've had, it's a pain to eat. Can't bite into the nori and everything starts to fall out. Oh, well.

          Scallop nigiri with jalapeno and lemon was excellent but buried the scallop's flavor a bit. Liked the hamachi nigiri with chicharron and ginger more. And the smoked arctic char nigiri with spicy rice, too. Sushi seemed a little too "same"-y in terms of taste between the pieces we had, though. Maybe it was the pieces we got. Little crunchy bits tucked under the fish, a little bit of spiciness in the sushi. That seems to be the chef's thing.

          Corn on the cob was awesome--like a Japanese take on Mexican grilled corn. Creamy mayo with miso butter, chili powder, and nori flakes. Very, very tasty. Maki tempura was a large, generous portion. Hard to eat as the maki were giant. Crab, avocado, fish roe, lettuce, other stuff in there, too. Nicely crispy, though. Also a little spicy, like the other dishes. Not my favorite, though. Overall, good but not great. I think I prefer Blue Ribbon Izakaya.