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Horse meat in Manhattan

i know it`s unusual in us but i really miss eating horse`s meat or donkey`s meat, if you guys know a place that sells those meat or a restaurant please let me know

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    1. I think it's illegal in the U.S.

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      1. Really? Or just joking? Because I love horse meat and would love to find someplace that serves it.

        And if you are just ripping on halal meat, do you realize that for meat to be halal it has to meet certain standards, just like kosher meat does?

        1. Spotted this sign on a food booth at a Little Italy street fair and couldn't help but think of this thread ...

          1. Last year the US outlawed horse meat slaughter houses, and they all shut. (see NYT archive)

            Some representative has tried to re-establish the practice.

            Have not read anything in the paper lately about it.

            Try seeing if there are import items in Coney Island Russian shops, and if you find some, then smuggle it into Manhattan.

            Try Taco Bell. you might get lucky with them cheating with horse meat. Jest.

            Horse meat is delicious.

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              From my interpretation, horse slughterhouses are operational in the United States, and they are not "all shut". It seems horse meat for human consumption in the US must be inspected by the USDA. The USDA does not do the inspections, making it illegal for horsemeat to be sold in the US. They apparently continue the practice for export...

              BTW, every grocery store in Quebec has horsemeat for sale, next to the bison and elk...

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                American food industrialists are going to keep things the way they are, protecting the vast investment and value they have in cattle. Thus limiting forever the diet of the majority of Americans.

                This is NYT Oct. 11, 2011: headline to article.

                "Slaughter of Horses Goes On, Just Not in US - The New York Times"

                Nice info on Quebec, thank you.

            2. I like horse meat (and am not at all opposed to horse slaughter), but as a life-long equestrian, I eat it sparingly for one reason: many (if not almost all) of the horses slaughtered are ex-racehorses, pumped full of steroids, blood thinners, tranquilizers, etc. Just food for thought for those who eat it with any frequency.

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                Are you talking about just in the US? Or in Europe, as well?

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                  i think loratliff is referring to North America. i shun eating horse meat for personal reasons, but i do believe that many European countries have ranches/farms where horses are raised purely for human consumption.

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                    I've eaten horse in Italy a couple of times and enjoyed it. I assumed it was raised ourely for human consumption. Thanks @debinqueens.

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                      You should be aware that a lot, I would go so far as to say most, horse meat sold in Europe is imported from Canada at this point

                      When I lived briefly in Switzerland in the 90s all the horsemeat you could buy was either product of Canada or product of USA (this was before the slaughter ban).

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                        Bytepusher's correct. I don't know of any horses raised anywhere solely for human consumption.

                2. Well, not in Manhattan, but there's an Ikea in Brooklyn and also in NJ. Don't they have horse meatballs?

                  1. It's sort of scandalous that they don't have horse meat at Bottega del Vino, the New York branch of a restaurant in Verona, where horse is the local specialty.

                    1. Caridad, 588 Amsterdam Ave., at 89th St. has bistec al caballo.

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                        "bistec al caballo"

                        Someone correct me if I am wrong, but that dish translates into "horseback steak" and refers to a particular preparation of beef steak. No actual horse involved.

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                          Correct, it's a Columbian dish with a beefsteak served with tomato sauce and a fried egg (the fried egg is a "rider")

                      2. It is illegal to sell horse meat for human consumption in the U.S.

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                            These stories refer to the proposed lifting of the ban (which, BTW, didn't happen) on processing horse meat for overseas consumption.

                        1. I had donkey meat but not horse in Verona. I draw the line at donkey

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                            haha, I'd rather eat horse meat than donkey meat. donkey meat somehow sounds more gross.

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                              Monica, donkey ravioli with truffles -- Heavenly!

                              Tastes like Chicken

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                                ehh, then i rather have chicken ravioli with truffles.

                          2. Had Horse steak in Italy. Nothing special Donkey in X'ian China,like lousy brisket in chili oil.