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Feb 10, 2013 06:42 AM

first visit to vancouver- need help!

Hi! I'll be spending a weekend in Vancouver on President's day weekend (ironic, I know). Never been before and would love some recommendations on breakfast/brunch, lunch, dim sum, awesome food spots. Write-up to follow post trip! Thanks!!!

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  1. We could give you better reccs if you let us know a bit more about what you're looking for. What is your budget? Where are you staying? Will you have a car? What kind of foods do you like/dislike? Also when is President's Day?

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    1. re: grayelf

      Def need to have: dim sum
      Budget (for 2 adults): bfast/lunch: under $30 please, dinner: under $150
      Staying: Robson st
      Car: yes
      Like: everything
      Dislike: nothing (no allergies)
      Presidents day: next weekend!!!

      1. re: rusticchasm

        Robson Street = ramen + izakaya. My favourites are Santouka for the toroniku, and Zakkushi for things on sticks. Also check out Miko Sushi for really good more traditional nigiri and rolls -- ask the wait staff for reccs on what is fresh and DON'T order the set menu stuff.

        Red Wagon is my top breakfast/brunch place, especially for the pork belly. Also love their pancakes. Go on a weekday, earlyish, or expect insanely long lines. If you want to stay downtown, Joe's on Davie is decent for basic breakies but not special.

        My go-to dimsum these days is Kirin on 12th and Dynasty on Broadway. I have never had dimsum at the Kirin downtown but it might be worth a shot since you're already there.

        You should prolly head out to Richmond for some poking around but do a bit of research first. I love taking people to the food courts out there, for example.

    2. Just got back and managed to hit up a few places during the short visit:

      Had ramen at Santouka (thx grayelf) and Kintaro. Santouka def had the better broth, much creamier and a tad thicker. Got seated almost immediately despite being packed (prob helped there were only 2 of us), great atmosphere. Kintaro was good, not jaw-dropping amazing. They had all sorts of rules (each person must spend at least $8.45) and a long line to get in. We were almost pushed out of the restaurant before finishing our food. Prob wouldn't go there again.

      Had dim sum at Sea Harbor in Richmond. PHENOMENAL. Didn't have a reservation (dim sum + reservations = ???) but got seated (we were the first in line when it opened). Had the regular dim sum foods; hai gao (shrimp in rice wrapper), beef in rice noodle, dan tat (custard desert) and lots more. Everything was fresh and delicious. Tea was a bit weak but given then food, not a problem.

      Had dinner at Bin941. Average food but good atmosphere. The waitress raved about the pom frittes but we both thought it was only okay. The braised short rib was good, not spectacular. Best thing we had there were the brussel sprouts. The sauce was great but not sure if it was a good dish because everything else was so average. Prob won't go there again.

      Bfast at Giovani. Good coffee, good cinnamon bun, excellent breakfast flat bread (special, non-menu item).

      Lunch at a random Richmond food court. Delicious but parking is a pain in the butt.

      Tried to find Acorn, couldn't. Walked by Flying Pig and L'Abattoir but had already eaten. Maybe next time...

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      1. re: rusticchasm

        Glad you liked Santouka! Kintaro kinda jumped the shark for me a number of years ago for the very reasons you list. Glad to hear about Sea Harbour -- there've been some uneven reports since they moved from 3 Road. Bin 941 I think is past its prime.