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Feb 10, 2013 03:45 AM

Cookbook of the Month March 2013: The Nomination Thread

Good morning, COTM friends.

It's hard to believe I know (as I write it's grey, raining and freezing cold in London), but Spring is just around the corner - allegedly! And it's time to think about what we would like to cook in March.

Please note that all nominations should be in CAPS. For more on how Cookbook of the Month works or to see an archive of books we’ve already cooked from this link can give you lots of information:

The deadline for nominations is 0800 GMT on Saturday, 16th February, which I believe is midnight on 15/02 on the West Coast of America.

Let the discussion begin - and play nicely, this is my first month as co-ordinator!

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  1. My nominations

    EVERY GRAIN OF RICE-Simple Chines Home Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop

    ROOTS-The definitive Compendium by Diane Morgan-

    THE HAKKA COOKBOOK-Chinese Soul Food from around the World by Linda Lau Anusasananan

    1. GRAN COCINA LATINA-Maricel Presilla

      Thanks so much, greedygirl!

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      1. re: Allegra_K

        Welcome, gg. And don't worry. We at COTM always play nicely.

        Horribly conflicted. Will be living in Central America in March and April where I’ll have access to so many Gran Cocina Latina ingredients, but I’ll have an ill-equipped kitchen in my rented apartment; the book is just too huge to take with me; and there are very few recipes online. Do I want to be inspired by reading along or beg that this title be put off until I return?

        1. re: JoanN

          I'd be happy to supply you with any recipes you'd need, Joan....
          Though I suppose it would only be easy for you to source the central american ingredients...not much chance of locating aji amarillo or huacataya in Guatemala, is there? And who wants to make pepianes and adobos all the time when its probably much easier to just head to the street corner!

          1. re: Allegra_K

            Thanks, Allegra. And you're right. South American ingredients are as hard to come by as is a decent French cheese. As for pepian, hers sounds far more flavorful than anything I've had in the local restaurants. Maybe I'll just scan that recipe and a few others and take them with me.

        2. re: Allegra_K

          Count me in for GRAN COCINA LATINA. It has been sitting on the shelf and calling my name - need a push to take it down, have a good visit and start cooking.

        3. Thank you so much, greedygirl! I appreciate your assuming the coordination duties here. (Timely, flawless, and not at all greedy!)

          I'm inclined to go back and look at older books mentioned (with fondness and enthusiasm) as COTM possibilites.
          So, a little studying before I nominate.

          1. EVERY GRAIN OF RICE. Just got this and am super excited to delve into it. I know theres a thread going already, but I think COTM would inspire wider participation.

            1. This is going to be fun! On the pinup board over my desk I have a photo of a clock with GMT on the dial as well so I can understand what time it is where I am... Also my glossary of English words is handy. What else do I need? Oh, an idea of the book I'd like to nominate would be a good thing.

              Good Luck GG and don't worry, we'll be gentle.