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Feb 9, 2013 10:46 PM

A great lunch at Cotogna [San Francisco]

I'm trying to write something as soon as possible for each of my restaurant reports because the last time I did a whole trip report I waited too long and even with notes forgot much of the details.

Had breakfast at Dottie's. A pretty dicey neighborhood but I liked the restaurant and would return. Had the Lamb sausage scramble with chile cornbread and jalapeño jam. It was very good

Went to the Ferry Bldg. That is quite a nice market you' have here. I didn't eat much because I had lunch plans.

After walking around the market for about an hour I walked to the Tadich Grill just to have a drink and see the place. Could not believe there was a line at 11:25am. They open at 11:30 I enjoyed talking to the bartender and waiters.

I then walked to Cotogna and had an excellent light meal. I started with the spinach sformato which was very good but not as good as the ricotta raviolo with farm egg. The raviolo was absolutely delicious . I highly recommend it.

If I hadn't had a large breakfast I would have liked to have tried another pasta dish but I was pretty full by then and finished my meal with an espresso. I really liked the restaurant and would return if I came back to SF.

It also made me want to try their other restaurant Quince.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed Cotogna! It's one of my favorites - especially - as you noted - on the less rich scale of Italian inspired restaurants in the city.

      Quince is worth a try. It is not the most innovative in SF but it is a very enjoyable meal - the service and space is amazing and the food is a solid match.

      1. Cotogna rocks! Barbacco is very good too, I like it better than perbacco.

        1. Monday’s lunch at Cotogna was a beautiful study of spring. For the two of us, we ordered one of the three-course menu (soup, tagliatelle, dessert), $24, plus a pasta, a vegetable side dish, and two glasses of wine.

          Green garlic soup – Nice touch for the kitchen to split the single order for us. Silken pureed texture of subtle base accented with crunchy potato crisps and deep-fried chive flowers, a squiggle of crème fraiche and dotted with olive oil.

          Tagliatelle with pork shank and dandelion greens – Lovely texture with firm bite. Bitterness of juicy dandelion greens balanced by sweet richness of unctuous threads of braised pork.

          Garganelli with peas and ham, $16 – Delicate format of garganelli dressed lightly with just enough cream to moisten the fresh peas and salty threads of ham.

          Rotisserie-roasted cauliflower, $8 – One big misstep of this meal, cauliflower was burnt on the outside and raw inside. Sprinkling of rosemary, fresh parsley and currants could not save it.

          Strawberry Meringata – Chewy/crisp shards of meringue blended with mascarpone-like cream topped with sliced strawberries and strawberry sorbetto. Refreshingly light.

          From the by-the-glass wine list, 2011 Ronchi di Cialla Ribolla Gialla, Friuli and 2011 Andrian Lagrein Rosé, Alto Adige.

          Also need to praise the focaccia, a very moist and well-oiled style spiked with chile and crunchy flakes of salt.