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Feb 9, 2013 09:54 PM

Dunlevy Snack Bar

Hey all, just wanted to give this restaurant a little attention. I am a huge brunch fan and this one really hit the spot today.

Kind of off the beaten path, you can find this gem just off hastings and down dunlevy a few shops. The area is a little sketchy but this joint has definitely brightened it up. I believe the owner used to work at the Carnegie for years so he is well antiquated with many who live in the area.

The space itself is pretty bare bones outfitted with a hodge podge of items that gives it a lovely ordered chaos feeling, something I find very charming (kind of like your in a friends kitchen). They have def done a little with a lot. Turntables were setup near the back and one of the staff was playing old school disco and soul which provided a good morning pick-me-up. I believe the space also doubles as an arts and events venue, it is pretty hip.

The menu is limited - a selection of baked eggs (including a couple veggie), euro breakfast (hard boiled egg, nuts, ham, bean drip, croissant, jam, brie, fruit etc) and maybe one or two other selections. They were also offering a double shot of espresso with a scoop of earl gray ice cream on special. The breakfast itself was very satisfying - I had baked eggs with fennel sausage ($9) and my companion had the euro breakfast ($10). The food is very homey feeling and has a lot of soul.... mine came with a side of potatoes with dill yogurt and all the ingredients were top quality. The croissant was baked in house and dare I say, that aside from the Duchess bake shop in Edmonton, this may be the best croissant I have eaten while living in Canada.

They now have their liquor license and are open for dinner two nights a week (Th/F) -- will have to return soon to sample.

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  1. Thanks for the writeup! I'm in that hood a fair bit and have been wondering about the Snackbar. The croissants sound especially worthy.

    1. Oh my, wrote this all hopped up on cold meds. Your = You're and I meant to say they have done a lot with a little, not the other way around lol.

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        ;) I liked this one better: ".... he is well antiquated with many who live in the area."
        thanks for the review in any case!