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Feb 9, 2013 09:50 PM

coconut pie

In Cartagena last week, I had a fabulous, not too sweet, coconut pie. I can't remember much of a crust, but the flavor was coconut, not much else. Any recipes to suggest?

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  1. We need more info! Was it a pudding/custard base? In other words, diary or not? Were there any other flavors? Lemon, vanilla, etc.

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      It was a very densely packed shredded coconut, not a custard at all. Not very sweet. I don't think it had other flavors, not noticeable in any case. If there was a crust, it was very thin.

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          Well, now that you mention it.... Actually is was really delicious, pure coconut flavor with a nice chewy texture. The top was lightly browned and it was served with vanilla ice cream. I've looked on line for the restaurant's website, but they don't seem to have one. I'd ask them for the recipe if I could!
          I'm thinking about using dried coconut soaked for a bit in coconut milk, or cream. Then straining out the excess moisture and maybe adding a beaten egg or two to bind it all together, with a bit of sugar. Then perhaps a graham cracker crust. Any thoughts?

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            Here is a good macaroon recipe:


            This could work if you just spread it out in a tart pan rather than forming cookies. It does use unsweetened coconut, which is good.

            Also, you could look up coconut pie crusts -

            There are also macaroons that use sweetened condensed milk, but that might be a bit much. Although, my perception is that that part of the globe uses it a lot.

            1. re: sandylc

              Thanks Sandy. I'll give it a try soon.

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              There was a recent thread on coconut pie that had a recipe for "magic" coconut pie or some such thing, which sounds a lot like what you had. do a search for it on the homecooking board.

                1. re: painterladysf

                  It sounds like a classic coconut cream pie.

                  I made one 2 weeks ago, except i also had peanut butter in it. Peanut butter aside, it was creamy, fluffy and rich but light (erm, contradiction?).

                  There are a couple of recipe's online if you search for it.

          2. I agree with the Impossible Coconut Pie people. That is exactly what I thought of when I read the OP. The method of it should give the result you describe. Also, US grated coconut tends to be longer and hairier than in other countries and putting it through the food processor---as the Impossible recipe does--- will tame it down a bit. Otherwise, buy "powdered" coconut (which isn't really powdered but is finely grated) in an Indian or Filipino store.

            1. I've heard great things about Rick Bayless's Coconut Pie: