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Feb 9, 2013 09:18 PM

The Passing Scene: And the Scene is Passing

Is it bothering anyone but me that so many dear old restaurants are no more? Just tonight I read online that La Bombonera, in San Juan, has closed---without their cafe' y mallorcas I can't see much reason to go to Puerto Rico. Ratner's, in New York, is history: no more onion rolls---and Dubrow's has been gone for years, and Mama Leone's gargantuan meals. In Chicago, no more Berghoff---some family members are doing the Berghoff Cafe' but it's totally another thing. Berghoff had been there for more than a century. In Massachusetts the iconic Miss Florence Diner has closed, re-opened, faltered, and changed.

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  1. Nothing lasts forever.

    Well, maybe, the cockroach species, but probably not much else.

    1. I can't speak for the other restaurants that you mention, but Puerto Rico is suffering from a huge exodus. This NPR article might shed some light on why storied places in Puerto Rico might be on the decline.

      1. I get nostalgic for NYC restaurants that I've never been to and have since vanished.
        Ever since I read throught the Luchow's cookbook I have wished that I'd been able to go there, but alas it closed down when I was a child. I've started a little collection of restaurant memorabilia--matchbooks, swizzle sticks, ashtrays--and a few cookbooks as well.

        1. Things change.

          A place in my city is closing in its present form after 100 years of service. The hotel in which it operates is contracting the room to a Michelin starred chef. Progress or not progress - remains to be seen. But a loss to the area certainly.