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Feb 9, 2013 08:10 PM

williamsburg question

I'm going to be in Williamsburg next week, and am looking for some food finds with some annoyingly specific food oddities

I don't eat meat, which means beef or chicken, or shellfish, but do eat other fish, and like all manner of fish/dairy/veggie/starch

Happy to go somewhere that has an emphasis on meat, but has not to be missed non meat sides,

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  1. So your diet is lacto-ovo vegetarian plus fish?

    Peter Chang has opened his newest Chinese restaurant in Williamsburg. His food is fabulous and you should have no problem finding plenty of options.

    My cut & paste functions are not working - but a search will provide the details.

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      Here it is...

      Here's an article from the Washington Post that provides some more information:

      And a previous thread from CH:

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