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Feb 9, 2013 07:52 PM

good pareve fruit pies in NYC

I'm in search of a few good pareve fruit pies for a dinner. Since it's about a week before Pesach, My Most Favorite will not be using its pareve oven for hametz at that point. Any suggestions? And if they don't cost $25 per pie, even better.

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  1. Moishe's in the East Village has good pies (for some reason though they are always less amazing than the rest of their desserts)

    1. Check out "Suzan Sez" and call to find out what fruit pies they have. They do custom orders too. We had her wonderful pareve carrot cake with toffuti cream cheese icing and chocolate ganache cake. They were so delicious and moist and you didn't miss the dairy. The bake shop is located at W. 123rd and Amsterdam, but she does delivery within Manhattan.

      1. the blueberry pie at prime butcher baker is really good (upper east side). you can also try chiffon's on avenue p and east third (or so) or weiss's on avenue m and east 12 (or so).

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          Thanks. Which do you think are the best? Are the prices comparable?

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            i found the chiffon's filling to be more fruit-based, more homemade style, while prime bb was more bakery-esque, if that makes any sense? but they were both very good. pricewise, i think chiffon's is a little cheaper, but it is in brooklyn (versus the city) so i guess it depends on where you are. weiss's has a really good fruit tart - i've never had the fruit pies (i'm not even sure that they have any).

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              Thanks, that's very helpful!