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Mar 10, 2006 09:19 AM

Where to eat in Redlands, CA

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I will be meeting family from back east in Redlands next week-end and would like to know some good places to go for lunch there. The focus is on good healty food, doesn't need to be any particular ethnic type. Would really appreciate your help as I have never been there before and don't know where to go.

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  1. Redlands is a very small town with a small selection of places other than chains and pizza places. There is a good Thai restaraunt called Rama Gardens, near the Redlands Mall that is pretty good. Another place is A Dong, on Redlands Blvd (I think). Excellent Vietnamese food.

    If you want good Indian, go east for 15-20 minutes to Colton to Ravi's India Cuisine. Excellent Southern Indian food, including dosas, biriyanis, curries, etc.

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      Thre is a very good Afghanistan restaurant called Kabul on El Camino Real. Their food is healthy and very good.

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        East of town is Casa Maya, excellent home-style Mexican food, good value. West in San Bernardino, another excellent Indian place is the New Delhi, I don't know if it is still in business. A good place on the web to read reviews is a local cable station website; Let's Dine Out. You can do a city search at the bottom of the page.


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          Hi Sara,
          I do restaurant reviews in the inland empire, and I'm not aware of an Afgani restaurant in Redlands called Kabul-nor do I recognize El Camino Real as a street in Redlands. Could this be in another city? There used to be a restaurant called Kabul in the Upland area, but I understand that there was a fire and the place closed.
          regards, david

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            Sarah was close spelling wise, but geographically she was off about 500 miles. Kabul is in Redwood City nor Redlands.

      2. Best Mexican
        La Costa Restaurant 621 Colton Ave. 909-792-1337
        Very reasonable good mexican seafood as well as traditional Mexican. Homemade and excellent.

        Casa Maya is good too as mentioned previously. It focuses on Yucatan food. Very good but the service is so-so.

        Hello Sushi 1630 Redlands Blvd. Redlands 909-792-7177
        I like their Sushi Omakase, reasonable and good.

        The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe 120 E. State Street Redlands 909-792-3313
        Has many unusual pizzas and a great beer selection.

        The Eating Room 107 E. Citrus, Redlands 909-792-5400
        Very popular for lunch.

        Expensive Gourmet
        The Farm 19 E Citrus Ave Redlands

        Citrone 328 Orange Street Redlands

        Joe Greensleeves 220 N Orange St. Redlands

        I haven't eaten at these last three since I prefer cheaper places. However, they get good reviews and look nice from the outside.

        1. We're going to be driving back to the SF Bay Area from Scottsdale mid-March. We usually break the trip up with a stop over in the Palm Springs area but this time I'd like to do something different. The IE might be the stop over.

          As this thread is on the older side, I'd really appreciate some updates to guide me as to where to take our break. We like all kinds of ethnic food - but really appreciate good food of any kind!

          Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

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            My wife's mom lives in Banning and they go to Redlands often for lunch at Joe Greensleeves. Here's what I recently wrote -- -- after a dinner there.

            Joe Greensleeves Restaurant
            220 Orange St, Redlands, CA 92374

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              Thanks araknd for the info on Joe Greensleeves. Menu looks interesting...


              Joe Greensleeves Restaurant
              220 Orange St, Redlands, CA 92374

          2. I was just in Redlands working, and a local recommended The Tartan Grill in the downtown area. She said the burgers were great, and they were. Other things people were having looked good too. Looks like a dumpy bar on the outside (dark,no windows), but don't let that stop you. Its fine inside.

            Just next to them is Jake's Coffee. Very,very good coffee.

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              Thanks Stan - hope to hear from some others....