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Feb 9, 2013 07:14 PM

latest and greatest in c'town

any suggestions for chinese new year? no real preferences re:noodles/cantonese/dim sum, etc.

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  1. Congee Village, NY NOodletown, Fuleen, Shanghai Cafe, 456, Oriental Garden, New Malaysia.....

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    1. There's an article on Chow about Chinese New Year food:

      You'll quickly conclude that the holiday is not exactly a harvest feast or spring festival. ;). Go to Chinatown for the parade or the fireworks or the general celebration. I'll be doing that tomorrow. But for food you might do better to wait until the crowds dissipate. Anything you want will be available with less hassle in a couple weeks.

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        I wonder if tonight, being Valentine's Day, may be any less crowded in Chinatown? I'd thought about heading there as a possible good alternative to all of the packed places filled with V-Day dates.

        1. re: round2

          My guess would be incrementally, yes.

          1. re: round2

            Chinatown was not crowded at all tonite. The crowds were in the 20's. Traffic unbearable.
            Sheng is my favorite noodle place these days

        2. Since you mention noodles, in terms of sheer popularity you should check out Cha Chan Tang on Mott St.