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Feb 9, 2013 06:52 PM

Bachelorette party for a foodie?

I'm hosting a bachelorette party for my sister, and I'd like to start the night off with a fun, unique Manhattan dining experience. It's been years since I've lived in the city, so I'm not plugged into the foodie scene. Any suggestions for a fun restaurant, midrange in price that'd be good for a group? Nothing too stuffy or traditional, ideally, and something that could cater to folks who eat fish, but not meat.


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  1. How many people in the group?

    What's the budget per person for just food? The going rate for big groups may surprise you if you haven't lived here in a while.

    When is the meal?

    What cuisines does the guest of honor like?

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      There will be 9, possibly 10 of us for dinner and we're looking at a Thursday evening, early April. I was thinking around $40-50 per person for food, not counting drinks with dinner... Does that sound reasonable?

      The bride is not very picky at all in terms of cuisine. She likes everything.

      And thanks for the suggestions, Mrs. Banks!

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        $40-50pp is on the lower side for a big group in Manhattan, especially if you want something on the nicer side. It's likely going to be $50pp and up.

        Try Otto for $40pp if you're willing to eat before 7:30pm, otherwise you need to get their $55pp menu.

        Tertulia will do big groups for $55pp which sounds like a great deal to me because otherwise they don't accept any reservations.

        Another option is Public, which is $60pp but you get a semi-private dining room and their decor is much more sleek.

        Here are some similar inquiries:

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          For a fun unique dining experience for $40-50pp and that has fish. I'll recommend Blue Ribbon Izakaya, it can be done for that price if ordering wisely, and can easily accommodate 10 people.
          Sushi Samba is a fun place and the ceviche and the skewers are the best things to order there. Japanese/Brazilian is something different. It is a lively place too ( W.Village one)
          Lure has plenty of fish choices and is in SoHo which is a good location for a party. $40-50 shouldn't be a problem. They have long tables that can easily accommodate your party.
          Buddakan is a fun place, very lively, large tables,and can be done for under $50. In the Meat Market area.

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          Il Buco Alimentari (request the large table near the entrance)
          Louro (request the communal table in the back)
          Yerba Buena Perry
          Empellon Taqueria
          Blue Ribbon Bakery

      2. Catch would be great! It's in meat packing so it is a really fun way to start off a bachelorette party! It has a fun vibe and really delicious small plates so you can eat great food and not too much since you are starting a big night out I assume! Also, it is mostly seafood. Another fun place that has great Spanish tapas that would be really fun and actually does a prefix price/menu is sala one nine! It's a fun vibe and a great place! They have two locations, but go for the one on 19th street. Hope this helps!