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Feb 9, 2013 05:58 PM

Vivre--Santa Fe

Was making my reservations for my upcoming trip to Santa Fe and was going to add Vivre until I saw it has the same goofy "fragrance free" policy as Nostrani. I realize that overwhelming perfume/cologne can be a problem but...give me a break. Surely, if the likes of French Laundry, Galatoire's, Inn at Little Washington and even the late el Bulli can handle the problem this place can as well. Just dumb.

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  1. It's weird, tiresome and even a bit pointless since the smells from the adjacent ramen place are so strong and float all the way through the bar to the front part of the dining room. But so many places at the same price point in Santa Fe are just blah, even if they have old James Beard awards and let you smell however you like, and the chef at Nostrani-now-Vivre really does have something special going on. It's a shame they're so uptight, though. It carries over even to the waitstaff, who, although very nice, well-trained and super-knowledgeable, seem kind of tense and afraid.

    1. funny - I'm here looking for something new in SF since my last visit and just read about Vivre's fragrance-free policy (never knew Nostrani had it) and am overjoyed! I can't count how many times a potentially great dinner has been compromised by overly-perfumed or cologned neighboring diners.

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        FYI, Shohko Cafe across the street is also fragrance free.