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Feb 9, 2013 04:48 PM

Where should I go for oysters in uptown or nearby Saturday?

We would like to have a nice dinner at a restaurant that serves oysters and is in the general uptown area or not terribly far away as we will be cabbing from the Melrose.

Almost forgot this important part: where we will be able to get a reservation for the Saturday after Valentine's Day.

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. Not fancy- Nates. Fancy- Trulucks. Both are in Addison, same good, well - chilled oysters.

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    1. re: Veggo

      The Truluck's in Addison has been closed since last year and Nate's is a half hour drive from the Melrose.

      I'd recommend Pappadeux's which is within walking distance of the Melrose.

      1. re: Scagnetti

        Thanks for the heads up on Trulucks - I'm not sure whether to be surprised. For the OP, Pappadeaux's is an ideal choice.

    2. Nearby on McKinney Av - S&D Oyster Co. New Orleans style oyster bar, long-time independent, casual with beer and limited wine. My personal favorite, trusted source for (raw and fried) Gulf oysters.

      Within a 4-5 block walk of the Melrose, Pappadeaux's - regional chain, casual, full bar.

      1. Does T.J.'s do the late night happy hour on Saturdays?

        1. I highly recommend either Pappadeaux or
          TJ's Seafood.

          Both are on Oak Lawn. Both are excellent seafood restaurants in their own way.

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          1. re: twinwillow

            Thanks to all for your help.

            I tried Truluck's but can't get a reservation.

            We love S & D also, but I don't think they take reservations. Just tried to check on that, but they are closed today.

            Thanks so much for your kind help.

            1. re: laredo

              It's a short drive (maybe 5-10 mins) but driftwood in bishop arts does some pretty darn good oysters, raw, fried and otherwise....

              S&d is always good.

              Not sure if its open yet, but The Establishment is coming to Travis Walk, and they are touting a great oyster selection.

              Of course there is also The Oceannaire, and while its not as far as Addison, it's pretty close. Great selection of raw oysters...

              1. re: ECcowboy

                Second Driftwood but, doubt if you'll get in for Valentines.

          2. Bishop Arts is kind of far, but Boulevardier has a nice oyster selection - in general, I really like their raw bar. I believe that they don't accept reservations, except for parties of 6 or more... which means you'll have as good a chance of getting in as anyone.

            Driftwood (also in Bishop Arts) is very good, and has oysters, but it's a pretty limited selection - ie, one type of oyster, and they're "prepared" - topped with some sauces, garnish, etc - not simply opened and served. And yeah - a weekend table might be tough, unless the weather is pleasant and you're willing to sit on the patio. Spoon would be another good choice - but also probably difficult to get into.

            TJs (Oak Lawn) would be your best bet for variety and quality, and it's a nice place with great food - but not "fine dining" (although you can also get caviar service). Don't know if they accept reservations - my guess would be no, but it can't hurt to ask.

            It just occurred to me that you might not be interested in a large selection of oysters - in that case, there are a lot of restaurants that have oysters (a single variety) as an appetizer. Bijoux and Neighborhood Services, off the top of my head.

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            1. re: gavlist

              Many thanks to all for your help.

              I should mention the reason I had oysters on the mind is that there is a very interesting article in Texas Monthly. It says gulf oysters will be very good this month and next....but has much much detailed information, and I recommend it.

              Thanks and Happy Valentine's Dau!

              1. re: laredo

                I think that Boulevardier carries gulf oysters. S&D (mentioned above) also does gulf oysters, and it's a pretty cool place. I don't know if any of the others that I mentioned do. I enjoy gulf oysters, but they are definitely less complex and interesting than what you'll find from the east and west coasts.

                1. re: gavlist

                  I did not know that about gulf oysters, gavlist.

                  My opportunities to enjoy oysters are limited, but it's nice to have that information.

                  Thank you.

                  1. re: laredo

                    Interestingly, not all would agree that ocean selections are more flavorful that gulf options. I believe it's a personal taste, which only you can decide. I find the brininess of the Gulf oysters much more appealing. But that's how my taste runs. You should find somewhere that has both and try each - standalone, without red or Mignonette sauce.

                      1. re: CocoaNut

                        totally agree about trying oysters without mignonette. At most, I'll add a few drops of lemon juice, but my goal is really to taste the oyster. Mignonette tastes good, but I find it almost always dominates the flavor.

                        Oysters from the East or West Coast can have intense brininess (Wellfleets, for example, are brinier than any Gulf oyster I've eaten), as well as flavors of melon or cucumber or mild sweetness, slight mineral or metallic flavors, "crisp" or creamy textures, etc. I've never seen any of that in a Gulf oyster.

                        I'm not trying to start a fight about which is better - as CocoaNut says, it's a matter of taste, and I also enjoy Gulf oysters on occasion. But I definitely don't feel bad about eating them with cocktail sauce at S&D.

                        check out this website:

                        1. re: gavlist

                          Lol! Perhaps that's the difference. I prefer an oyster to taste like the ocean, not a fruit or vegetable. And honestly, if they resonate any taste of metal, I send them back - regardless of originating coastline.

                          1. re: CocoaNut

                            ... ok. The minerality of oysters is the basis for the classic pairing with Sancerre (which has a "flinty" character). It's amazing - of course, by all means feel free to send them back if that's not your thing.

                            But, that's the essence of it. If you want an oyster with character and complexity (which I guess means tastes like "a fruit or vegetable") then get something from the coasts. If you want an oyster that is inexpensive and not outstanding in any particular way (often a good thing) then go with the Gulf.

                            1. re: gavlist

                              Ah yes... Fairly common knowledge that a good Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with oysters, but if one prefers a less sweet choice, Pinot Grigio is an excellent choice.