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Feb 9, 2013 04:22 PM

Pizza other than Margherita from your favorite shop

At Keste took a flier on a cod garlic tomato pie which was great.
What luck have you had with other than standards?

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  1. I know Otto is not a favorite pizza with a lot of CHers, but I love their truffle and egg pizza when it is offered. From their regular menu, the taleggio and funghi pizza is wonderful.

    1. I haven't been to Keste in some time, but I loved their Pizza del Papa, if that's what they were calling it then, when it was with butternut cream, artichokes (not peppers or zucchini) and smoked mozzarella.

      At Arturo's, I've liked their clam and mushroom pizzas a lot.

      1. At Dean's they have a nutella pizza for dessert. Quite sweet but decent. My kids like it.

        1. I'm a fan of otto clam pizza and their aglio olio pie.
          I love the prosciutto pie from motorino
          I also love the grandma from delizia on the upper east side. Super thin. Super delicious.
          I also like the mushroom, pea, pecorino from rubirosa.

          1. Motorino's brussel sprout pizza...I could eat it every day! (But then I'd have to work out more.)

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              Good stuff, but their prosciutto pie is like butter.

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                Good to know. Every time I go I vow to try another kind of pie...but I revert back to Ol' Trusty.