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Feb 9, 2013 04:01 PM

frozen meat at farmers' markets in DC area

I have been frequenting a number of farmers markets in the DC area - DuPont, palisades, leesburg.

All the locally-sourced meat appears to be frozen. What's the deal here? Don't they know that kills the flavour, and kinda defeats the whole point...

anyone recommend any locally-raised meat that isn't pre-frozen?

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  1. Many of them can provide non-frozen upon advanced request by one way or another. Certainly if you're up for a drive to the West there are more opportunities.

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      The Women's Farmer's Market has several booths
      with fresh meat, including steaks, chops, chicken
      and bacon. It's in a White House on Wisconsin Ave
      and Bethesda Ave. Open Wed, Fri, Sat.

    2. Short answer: Laws. Crossing state lines to sell means that, for the most part, meat needs to be frozen. Since meat sold in DC can come from VA, MD, PA, and maybe WV or NC, a labrinth of laws can apply.

      I get my meat mainly from a MD farmer who sells in VA. His product is 100% frozen, unless you want to go to his place and buy so that he isn't crossing state lines. Contact the farmer and go directly to the farm if you want to buy unfrozen.

      Here is an interesting article on the market held at USDA:

      1. I frequently by beef from a local producer that is vacuum packed and frozen. The quality remains very high.