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Feb 9, 2013 02:54 PM

What's open tonight?

I've been cooped up indoors (other than shoveling) for the last 48 hours and am going a little stir crazy! As a public resource, I'll share that El Pelon (BC location) is open tonight - I know this because I can walk to it. Anything else? Obviously I'd love info on Newton/Brookline/Watertown, but feel free to make this a general resource for Boston area restaurants that are braving the blizzard aftermath tonight.

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  1. Upstairs on the Square sent e-mails saying they're open tonight.

    1. Eastern Standard and The Hawthorne are open. Island Creek is not, however.

      1. Call whereever you can walk. Most municipalities have parking bans firmly in place until Monday morning, and the T has no service until then too.

        Shock of shocks, people may have to figure out how to home!

        1. Most - not all- of the restaurants I stay in touch with are open. Among them: Journeyman, Casa B and Posto in Somerville, Craigie on Main, Tupelo, Veggie Galaxy, Abigail's (limited menu and reduced staff) and East Coast Grill in Cambridge. Bundle up.

          1. Washington Square Tavern is open (with a somewhat reduced menu), the Barcelona Wine Bar is open with full menu, and Lineage is open...