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Feb 9, 2013 01:54 PM

Galette crust

Hi there. I have a potentially ridiculous question. Okay, I'm making a butternut squash galette (from The Smitten Kitchen) and, after cooking the filling, I realized just how much butter goes into the crust: Two sticks. For my family, this is a LOT of butter, and I was wondering: Could I, somehow, swap in olive oil? Or would the texture be completely wrong? One of my favorite recipes -- made hundreds of times over the years -- is The Joy of Cooking's Chard Tart, which is galette-like, but uses an olive oil crust (though it's pat-in-the pan)...

What do you all think?

Many thanks!

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  1. Not only is the flavor going to go off, but the texture will not be anything like the recipe intends -- semi-solid fats like butter behave differently in pastry than do oils.

    1. If you have a crust that you really like you could make it and use the filling from the other recipe. You already know the texture of the shell.
      You would of course make it in a pan not as a Galette.

      1. don't swap in olive oil. You could swap in coconut oil, or make a different shell altogether.