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Feb 9, 2013 01:25 PM

Louisanna Kitchen

Noticed a new storefront opening along the Danforth at Logan - Louisanna Kitchen.

I was thinking kitchenwares, cajun restaurant??? Neither which made much sense esp knowing that the other kitchen shop just alittle further west recently closed so I get home and googled it.

Louisanna Kitchen appears to be a division of Popeyes.

Not my kind of thing, but you know, I'm thinking they just might do well on the Danforth.

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  1. All Popeye's are now branded Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. Lots of commercials on the TV.

    1. Popeye's seems to be growing really fast lately. If it is indeed a Popeye's, there is already on on Danforth by Main according to the store locator. Seen a lot more locations open up lately. I hope I don't get tempted by the one across from The Bloor too much during Hot Docs :)

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      1. re: ylsf

        Strangely my SO thinks Popeye's the best chicken available from the chicken industry. Really loves the pastry/biscuit that comes with most of it. I tried it only once and still think The Colonel is associated with the best --regardless of batter and salt content. Cholesterol and Hi Bpressure dictate rare, if eagerly awaited, visits to virtually any of chicken outlets.

        We do agree that the Metro BBQ'd chicken is the best available whole chicken from amongst the various supermarkets.

        1. re: Herne

          In December I had a few buddies and their wives over for a football game and we did a head to head of KFC, Popeyes and Mary Browns. KFC was a dismal and embarrassing 3rd. Popeyes won.