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Feb 9, 2013 12:40 PM

Dinner with Dad from Hollywood to Downtown?

Hi all - I need to choose a spot for dinner with my dad. He's in town for just one night. The parameters:

Anywhere from Hollywood to Downtown.

I'd like to keep it relatively cheap - under $20 for entrees, perhaps.

He does not care for Thai.

He's from Seattle, so we can pass on Vietnamese and Chinese (unless there's something truly amazing I'm forgetting...)

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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      1. Marouch, though you'll come close to your $20 limit.

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        1. re: katydid13

          I haven't been in years, but I really love Marouch. That's a good one - a place that feels nice but isn't all trendy.

          1. re: Papuli

            Yes, it's always outstanding. Just remember it's closed Mondays! If you want to treat your dad to an unusual (albeit semi-trendy) dessert, Scoops is just a short drive down Heliotrope.