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Feb 9, 2013 12:01 PM

Cincinnati: Favorite sushi?

I am looking for people's favorite sushi places in Cincinnati or sushi places they go to the most often. Not so much what you think is the best in the city - but where you go the most often.

I lived in Cincinnati until 5 years ago, and when I left the place I was going to the most often was Maki Express in Clifton on McMillan Street. I have a friend moving to Cincinnati and asking me for recommendations - so I wanted to poll current CHers living in Cincinnati and get their thoughts.

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  1. I live in the Detroit area, but on a recent visit I had outstanding sushi at Wild Ginger. Since it was my only sushi in Cincinnati ever, can't really compare, but I'd definitely go back next time I'm in town.

    1. I tend to go to Fusian the most often because I live nearby. It's a fast-casual sushi restaurant, not at all traditional. You go down the line and build your roll. Here is a cool video about them -

      Kaze just opened in OTR. I haven't had their food yet but the space is amazing and getting great reviews.

      My friends really like Ichiban in Mt. Lookout. They have a 1/2 priced sushi menu every night.

      Wild Ginger is really good. I love all of their food.

      Drunken Bento in Clifton is popular with UC students.

      1. Ando (on Pfeiffer Rd. in Blue Ash near I-71) has become my favorite. Quality ingredients and a super-friendly staff.

        1. Kyoto, on Montgomery Road way up near Fields Ertel. First went on the recommendation of a friend. Some really, imaginative things I've never seen before (the Jason roll!) and relatively inexpensive, if you stick to the roll special of the day.

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            I also like Kyoto.

            Overall I think the sushi at Ando is better, but Kyoto's Giant Squid appetizer is amazing. The squid is stuffed with vegetables and shrimp and it's cooked in such a way that, although the rings of squid are huge, they're easy to chew. It's a dish I haven't seen anywhere else in the area.