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Feb 9, 2013 11:20 AM

recipe for the bloody mary from Green Goddess

Hi all -- I have lately had a hankerin' for those damn delicious bloody marys from Green Goddess, but sadly, I live in DC! I've tried searching for a copycat recipe, or even an analysis of the flavors, and can't find one. The menu says roasted yellow tomatoes and "Secret Concoctions, featuring Junior Johnson’s Lemon Moonshine, pickled okra and green beans." I recall it tasting vinegar-y and sweet, but didn't try to analyze it at the time. Does anyone have any idea how to make a copycat drink at home?

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  1. Which Green Goddess? I know of several. Do you mean the one in NOLA? You should email or call them. Most places will give you their recipes. I have never yet been denied a cocktail recipe.

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      Green Goddess in NOLA has given me recipes before, but I have never tried their Bloody Mary. Although often there are mixes made up for Bloody Mary's (or kitchen made components) so the recipe might not be as simple as listing a few ingredients.