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Feb 9, 2013 10:50 AM

Patagonia Parrilladas - Argentina via Detroit

Following a lead from Yelp ( I went for a real beefy sandwich and was not disappointed. Argentinian beef is banned in the US (political trade reasons) and is nearly always grass fed. I have had it in Paris and it is very beefy (in a good way).

The husband/wife team are very proud of the Argentinian heritage and the vinegary salsa, sharp lettuce/tomato/pickle salad and JUICY beef and cheese sandwich were very well done. The bread is made for them next door and the whole experience is strong if you like well cooked tenderloin or skirt steak on a roll for $9. I did enjoy it and will go back for an evening meal of the big guy on the grill starting at $36.

No liquor license and street parking only (mostly in front of the park). Not truly handicap accessible but similar to the others in the area.

Next time I'm going with someone that likes frites so I can sample a few. 4314 W. Vernor, Detroit. Lunch at least on Saturdays. Other hours unknown so you may want to call. On the GoatG cleanliness scale more than acceptable. On the Boagman value scale; a special occasion. P.S. Don't wear a new shirt or better bring a lobster bib or coveralls. And don't let the second date wear that new white silk blouse either(from experience).

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  1. Wow, what's incuded in the $36+ meal? Do you sense that by*b would get you kicked out, if done discretely?

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    1. re: VTB

      Finally Slaughter and I agree about something. I guess the waitress was his mother and the doneness of meat is something that will test your Spanish skills. I don't mind letting the chef choose when they know how to cook.

      metrotimes review:

      I think a mini-meeting may be in order.

    2. Hmm. A $9 sandwich doesn't sound ultra-spendy to me! It was worth it, yes? Even if I ditched the cheese?

      1. Just for Boagman: Handlebar mustaches, fedoras and white shirts required for men. Scarlet twirly dresses for ladies. The private dining room has salsa and tango style dancing with discretion.

        VTB: The By*b option is just a pourboire away (surprising a worldly man like you would ask). Rochester is not an option this time. Although the Meeting House seems tame enough.

        Since VTB is monitoring this Jack Benny program we may have a destination if we can sort out vehicle security ( you know he drives only C7 or ++). And, Rainsux is stuck in CDO (his own dyslexia) so MarkCron.??

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