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Mar 9, 2006 12:55 PM

La Super Rica - strategies?

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Going to La Super Rica in SB for the first time this weekend - any suggested ordering strategies? I'm not big on tongue/sesos/etc. but will eat anything else.

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  1. Can't really go wrong there, whatever you order.

    I'm fond of the chorizo tacos, but it's all quite good.

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    1. re: DarrenG

      I agree with one of the above posters about avoiding the basic tacos. I ordered one during my first visit and was sorely disappointed with a few dried pieces of meat on a tortilla - hardly adorned with anything to boot.
      Now the specials are another story - quite a bit better - ie: tastier - I could see why some folks are so enamoured of this place. It's still a bit over hyped to me but you'll increase your chances of enjoying it if you stay away from the basic tacos - think I got a carne asada - thinking it would be the equivalent of ordering vanilla at an new ice cream shoppe to scope out their skill level - wrong. :~ )

      1. re: Gordon Wing

        Thanks for all the advice -- I went with the taco de rajas, pasilla stuffed w/ marinated grilled pork & cheese, and the chorizo especial.

        Unfortunately, I had to get it to go due to various family events & time constraints. When I unwrapped my food, it turned out they'd mixed up my order. The taco de rajas was there (excellent), along with a couple plain cheese quesadillas and a chicken taco. No chorizo or stuffed pasilla to be found.

        Oh, well. The taco de rajas was indeed spectacular, and I'll just have to make another trip and eat there.

        1. re: J.A.

          I passed through Santa Barbara yesterday on my way to San Luis Obispo and made a quick stop at La Super Rica. Had a taco de rajas while I waited for my "to go" order. Tonight I'll share the rest with my wife...another taco de rajas, pozole, La Super Rica Especial (pork/cheese in a poblano chile) and frijoles.

    2. t
      Tha Groovin' Gourmet

      First, check the daily specials. Anything with the cream sauce is worth getting..especially the tamales de verduras (veggie). The chorizo is excellent, so any dish containing it is a sure thing. I love the beans...borracho style (i.e. whole beans in a brothy base), with lots of cilantro and squares of bacon. Portions are not large, so at least 2 or 3 dishes, more if you have a larger appetite.

      1. If you like cheese, the queso de cazuela is sinfully good. Tacos de rajas are excellent, as is the Super Rica especial which is pork and cheese in a poblano chile. The frijoles are outstanding as mentioned below. The dover sole tamale in cream sauce is excellent when available. The Sunday pozole is quite good as are the chilaquiles when available as a special.

        The basic tacos, such as carned asada, etc, are rather ordinary and often lead to disappointment for first time visitors to La Super Rica.

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        1. re: go dvls
          Tha Groovin' Gourmet

          Thanks for reminding me about the Especial. YUM!

          Agreed about the tacos. There is SO much great stuff on the menu, a taco seems like a waste of time and stomach space.

          1. re: Tha Groovin' Gourmet

            And try the horchata - it is one of the better versions I've had.

        2. Was there yesterday in the heat.....
          Specials were a taco de calabacitas, which was pork with zucchini with cheese.
          It was DELICIOUS.
          Also amazing was the special tamal of the day, vegetarian and covered in the crema.
          Huge fan of the chorizo taco.

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          1. re: George

            Long ago discovered the Tocino Special (#15) at La Superica and don't order anything else anymore: melted cheese with bacon.

            Spoon the melted cheese into one of the 3 fresh tortillas along with the fresh pico de gallo and it is the best of the best --in my opinion. Addictive. I think I'll go again soon.