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Feb 9, 2013 10:39 AM

Brennan's Steak House in Neptune

Went on their website and found some of the reviews were
not great for this resto. Seems diners were disappointed in the
quality of food and said was much better years ago. Has anyone
been there lately and can comment on it? May decide to go somewhere else. Any ideas for a great steak near Wall if not there ?

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  1. I always go to Brennan's and I have always had a great steak there. I order the NY Strip and it never disappointed me. Plus you cant beat the value. The steak comes with a nice salad and potato/rice and usually green beans. The sweet potato fries are very good- I think $1.00 extra. I am pretty fussy about my steaks and have tried other steakhouses that are a fortune and have been extremely disappointed, especially when paying top dollar. Weekend nights are a little noisy at Brennans so if you are looking for a quiet setting, it is not the place. Piano player Wed-Sun. Make a reserv on a weekend night and ask for a table not in the bar area. Good luck. I hope you like it.

    1. I've been there a few times and it never has dissapointed.

      1. Brennan's isn't bad, but I think Ivan & Andy's in Asbury has better meat. The other things on their menu, however, can be disappointing. Also, Massuto's in Wall has some fantastic dry aged, prime beef to offer, and terrific pizza. Service at either spot can be, shall we say, spotty.

        If Shipwreck Point has reopened, I'll submit that it is the closest thing to a great NY Steakhouse in the Mon/OC.

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          "Brennan's isn't bad" +1

          Brennan's isn't good either. I agree with Ivan and Andy's. Also keep an eye out for Char in Red Bank once opened it will be the best place to get an excellent steak in Monmouth County.

        2. You may also want to look into Four Winds, which is a bit down Route 35 on the Sea Girt/Squan border, right before the circle.

          Here are some reviews....

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            Have you been to the Four Winds? Those Yelp reviews* are a clear reminder of why Chowhound is such a more useful tool for food dorks. Four Winds is basically a Hobbit House with cheap drinks and free Happy Hour food. Their steaks are neither Prime nor Dry Aged. It's not foul, but it is basically bar fare and far from one of the better steakhouses in the area.

            I will accede to the notion that the servers there are quite nice - in an Ocean County sort of "hand on your the shoulder" and call you "Hun" way.

            * I particularly liked the yokel who thought the "striped" lobster ravioli were so "great". If I knew her, I'g gladly send her to Cisco for a case of frozen ones.

            1. re: MGZ

              No I actually haven't - have lived down here my whole life and I'm not really a carnivore. One of my son's friends fathers worked for a meat company (which one I don't recall - who delivered there). It's been well over 10 years since my oldest graduated HS so perhaps they've gone downhill a bit, or they were never there. While not prime nor dry aged, your use of it not being 'foul' is a bit over the top.

              By the way, the Last time I looked, Squan/Sea Girt hardly qualifes as yokel Ocean County .

              While I didn't read the yelp reviews, I usually c&p them over other review sites as many foodies do contribute to that site (myself included) so there's usually some credibility there. Perhaps we had a a few reviewers who were a bit overly exuberant or couldn't articulate. Just offering another option. Brennan's is still a pretty good spot with Ivan & Andy's (all I've ever had there was their luncheon burger, though friends who had dinner said it was quite good)..

              Maybe I'll just cease and desist from posting about red meat parlors as I guess I just don't know - Char can open down at the corner of Broad and Monmouth (?), and you'll probably never see me in there. It's (a steak - any cut in a gargantuan order) is not my idea of a great meal --- and most of us, perhaps present company excluded don't have the jing to shell out $50 for a shell steak or more expensive cuts--- but whatever hardens your arteries MGZ.

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                Easy, tiger, I was simply pointing out why this Site is substantially more useful than Yelp. Frankly, most of the posts there read like they were an eighth grade English class assignment.

                But you have helped the OP, and others, to learn, by disclosing that you don't like to eat steaks - that level of honesty is appreciated. For fifty bucks, however, one could go to Massuto's and get a couple hunks of dry aged, prime, NY Strip and cook 'em over an oak wood fire. Now, that, my friend, might change your mind.

                By the way, the Four Winds changed hands about five or six years ago.

                Edit - I do dine in Red Bank sometimes as I have family that has chosen to move away from the Shore. Likewise, I do intend, given jr's suggestion, to try Char. I'll gladly buy you a drink, should you stop by and see me at the bar - look for the guy in the baseball hat who needs a shave.

                1. re: MGZ

                  Thanks MGZ, but no thanks as II doubt that I'll ever set foot inside Char - just like it was with it's previous tenant, Ashes- it's just not what I'm looking for in a dining experience. Though the offer as to a cocktail... well, I've been known to have one or two some nights with my preference for kicking back with a smoke ala Ashes being just a tad different.

                  Now if the folks at Char have an idea as to plating a nice Halibut (like Joe Romanowski used to), or a filet of Bass, Tilefish, Sable or Arctic Char (the fish that is ;-), which I had a few times at Soho in Brunswick, or perhaps Day Boat scallops, well, I'll be there in a heartbeat. But as with most steakhouses, that's not what they're going to do best.

                  I guess that I'm just a true Pices and not a Taurus ;-).....though you have to admit that there are still some positives as to the Brennan's experience (as cited above).

                  In closing, I'm not going to touch any steak threads from here on in.

                  1. re: JustJake

                    If fish and scallops are what you seek, I'd suggest a trip to Shipwreck in Brielle. Now that one can't get ChefMd's halibut at Trinity, I can think of no place better to eat the swimmers. Also, the Monkfish at Remington's in Manasquan is a very solid Plate.

                    Same deal applies at either spot if you see me.

            2. ooh good! Shiprwreck and Remington's will try both for sea food! Love Chowhound great place for all sorts of kindness.

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                1. re: MGZ

                  Ok, you talked me into it! Will do! Thanks!