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Feb 9, 2013 08:08 AM

Housemade Pastrami in Boulder or Denver?

Does anyone know a a deli making their own pastrami?

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  1. No, but the pastrami at New York Deli News is very good, especially topped with chicken liver, on rye.
    For kosher, try Eastside Deli in Glendale.

    1. I believe Edwards Meats in Wheatridge does.

      1. Not a deli, and I don't think they have it for sale separately, but the new Fate Brewing Company in Boulder is making their own smoked pastrami for their reuben sandwiches and it's really good. Not traditional - it's more like a cross between barbecued brisket and pastrami, with smoky flavors in addition to the pickled/spiced pastrami. But it's really tasty and miles ahead of most of the blandly salty stuff you get in sandwiches around here.