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Feb 9, 2013 06:41 AM

Bean Sprouts In Japanese Ramen Soup

I have discovered Japanese Ramen Soup and love it. The one close to me is the original Kenzo location on Yonge St. just south of Steeles Ave. I love their Tonkotsu (no bean sprouts, just noodle). However, I tried some of their other dish and the noodle is mixed with bean sprouts, lots of bean sprouts, in fact so much that I can't even taste or enjoy the noodle. Are there always bean sprouts in ramen soup or do some of them not have it?

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  1. Depends. There's no set rules. And that Kenzo Japanese Noodle House (tho it was the original location of KR) has nothing to do with the Kenzo Ramens elsewhere. The owner sold the business and the name went with it iirc.

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      Yes, I know about the Kenzo downtown and the one at Sheppard. They're just a bit too far to go, but I'll try them when I get some time.

      I just don't particularly like bean sprouts. The KIng Ramen Noodle Soup I tried just had too much in it and I did not enjoy it one bit. I don't mind a little on top but not if it overpowers the noodle taste.

      The Tonkotsu had zero bean sprouts. I know the easiest thing to do is ask, but the girl working there didn't even know it was bean sprouts, kept saying it was green onions (I guess she meant scallions). I just wanted to know which soup did not have bean sprouts and did not want to have to try each one to find out.

      I found a recipe that seems easy enough (with a little of bean sprouts that I can tolerate):