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Feb 9, 2013 05:40 AM

Milk wedding cake in TO

Looking for a wedding cake similar to how Milk in NYC prepares them. Does anybody know a place in Toronto that does cakes like this?

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  1. Talk to The Wedding Cake Shoppe. Beautiful and delicious cakes.

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      They sound promising. We are going to schedule a consultation soon.

      1. re: ehcort

        Good luck! They are really sweet there, and very talented.

      2. re: TorontoJo

        I am also interested in a naked wedding cake and was wondering if you could provide an update/review on The Wedding Cake Shoppe or any photos of the final cake?

      3. You specifically want the sides left bare? I'll be curious to hear how more traditional bakers react to that. I'm not aware of anyone in Toronto doing it (but I wouldn't be). There is a milk bar clone in the Beaches and it says they do custom wedding cakes:

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        1. re: julesrules

          Moo Milk Bar will not do this type of cake.

        2. Thanks for the tips. I've contacted them both so we'll see what they say.

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          1. re: ehcort

            I'd also call Bobette and Bell. Those girls can do anything.

            1. re: millygirl

              No by Bobette and Bell also. Looks like Wedding Cake Shoppe is the only contender thus far.

            2. re: ehcort

              Ok do report back if you don't mind I'm curious:) Good luck with the search.

              1. re: panko

                I'd be curious to hear his reaction. His style is very different and I found they had definite ideas about what they were willing to do.

              2. Try asking Lindsey Bakes. Her cakes are great and she might be able to do it for you.