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Saveur magazine worth subscribing to?

There is an offer for saveur at a discount mag website - a year for $4.99

I would hate to even pay $5 for a magazine that isn't worth it

is it any good?

btw if anyone is interested here is the link
(I think it expires quite soon)

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  1. I've seen a few issues in the waiting room at the doctor's office and I have enjoyed them. I'd guess it would be worth $5, but I don't know what you like... everything is so subjective!

    1. I think so! I jumped on that offer - my favorite of the options out there, esp since Gourmet is no longer. Thanks!

      1. I love this magazine--it's probably my favorite food read. My BF gets me a subscription every year and I save the issues. With the exception of the January issue, I look forward to each (the January Saveur 100 is kind of meh). The articles and photography are very informative. I do some cooking from it, though some ingredients may be esoteric and/or difficult to source, depending on your location. A favorite activity of mine is to randomly select an ols issue or two and curl up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and read for an hour.

        The Francine Prose essay on tasting bacon (the other year, I think) is worth the subscription price!

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          Yes. And the price is worth it for a year. It is one of my favorite magazines. The photography is really pretty and the articles are great. I wouldn't say EVERY issue is cover to cover worthy (everyone's likes are different), but for 5 bucks, you'll get your money's worth.

        2. I'd say definitely. I don't have a sub to that one but have certainly considered it and for that price I'd jump on it for sure.

          1. YES! One of the best out there right now.

            1. l agree with everyone else, it is currently my only food magazine. l got mine on eBay for 16 for 4 years.

              1. Yes, absolutely. James Oseland is pretty insufferable but his magazine is terrific.

                1. I have gotten it for years and consider it THE BEST for fooist like me and home cooks. Many chefs also recommend it. I have probably been getting it monthly for 6-7 years. Out of 12 issues I will find something in at least 11 that I really like.

                  1. I love Saveur... good articles and great photos. I just bought a 2 years subscription using your link, so thanks!

                    1. I would totally jump on this if they shipped to Canada. Maybe a way to order it to the USA and then "switch" the address to Canada after? I have read through some of the issues on digital (free via Zinio reader when they have promo codes) and enjoyed it. Would be nice to have a physical copy though. Looks like the current issue is featuring donuts! I will have to take a peak at it.

                      1. Thanks for the feedback-glad some of you used the link!

                        I just ordered 3 years for $15

                        Hopefully print magazines wont be defunct by then

                        Don't think they will.

                        I love books and magazines that you can actually touch

                        1. fwiw I thought this site was a total scam http://www.rewardsgold.com/

                          they dont ask for any credit card number-they are a mess too - no email confirmations, - no emails at all- you cant even tell if they acknowledged your registration

                          but I took about 2 5 minute surveys about a 4 weeks ago and asked for martha stewart living as a free gift for taking them -

                          I just got the january and february issues in the mail last week

                          was totally surprised, honestly I was shocked ttytt, free for nothing and shipped asap

                          i hope saveur comes that quick

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                            got the march issue recently of marthastewartliving with a small version of everyday food tucked in

                            still waiting on my subs from tanga

                            I don't think the tanga site is a scam though-it's just a drag to have to wait so long :/

                          2. Nice! I buy it at least 2x a year on the newstand so this is a very good deal. Just purchased, thanks.

                            1. I love this magazine, thanks for the heads up, I just added 3 yrs to my current subscription.

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                                How did you add it to your current subscription? I don't see an option for that.

                                Never mind, I see it.

                              2. Going to check if the offer is good for a renewal! I've paid quite a bit more, and for maybe 10 years now. That an Lucky Peach are the only ones I still get.

                                Pretty good website and mobile app too, where you can get a good sense of what the mag is like.

                                1. Depends what you're looking for in a food magazine. I find it pretty to look at and sometimes enjoyable to read for entertainment but I've never cooked one recipe from the magazine and I can't remember learning anything new as far as cooking skills go.

                                  I've had an on again off again subscription over the years.

                                  1. another tanga offer if anyone is interested


                                    there is taste of home and la cucina de italia for 4-6 $

                                    1. offer is back up-it ends today if anyone is interested


                                      there are others magazines with similar discounts there too

                                      1. I still mourn the Gourmet of the '70s and '80s, but looking forward, a friend has given me Saveur for Christmas for the last several years, and I think it's probably the best one that's out there now.
                                        At any rate, it's CERTAINLY worth $5/year.

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                                          I have an eBay alert set up for old Gourmet magazines...

                                          1. re: Kris in Beijing

                                            I have most of them beginning in the mid eighties.

                                        2. I love reading Saveur, though I rarely cook from it. I got a great deal on it last year and am happy to read it every month.

                                          1. Does anyone here read Fine Cooking? Just curious.

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                                            1. Haven't bought or subscribed to any food/cooking magazin in YEARS, and really don't miss them!?! Pretty much all of them have a wbe site, where you can browse recipesand issues for free!