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Feb 8, 2013 07:08 PM

Best place in San Antonio to buy Mexican ingredients?

I have paying $2.59 for little 3oz bags of chiles mulatos and similar for pasillas; it seems like the act of bagging something makes it expensive. Do you guys know of any places to get the following from the produce aisle? (so I'm not paying some markup just for a Fiesta logo and plastic bag)
- chiles mulatos
- chiles pasillas
- pepitas
- epazote

Also, anywhere to get fresh huitlacoche?


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  1. Well there is H.E.B. and also Culebra's markets and La Michocan Markets as well. Not sure if i spelled the last one right. Don't know what if anything World Market has in the chili lines.You can also try the Sprouts on Nacogdoches and the one at US 281 and I think that';s either Gold Canyon or Henderson pass.

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      Thanks HollyDolly. HEB and Culebra only carry ancho, guajillo/cascabel, and arbol in bulk and HEB doesn't carry mulato period (though they have pasilla in Fiesta bags). Not too bad since those three are usually my gotos: e.g., ancho for making chile powder when I want to BBQ chicken, ancho+guajillo for red pozole, arbol when I want to make a nice salsa for carnitas, etc., but I'd like to make mole poblano without it costing me un ojo de la cara (especially since there is literally no place in town that makes it very well).

      1. re: HollyDolly

        I'll definitely have to give La Michoacana a look though.

      2. Have you tried Fiesta Mart?

        Admittedly, I've never been to a Fiesta in San Antonio, but I've shopped at the ones in Austin, Houston, Katy, with great success.

        And another suggestion to try La Michoacana. That is a Hispanic chain with locations all over Texas. They have a great bakery, and a nice lunch counter. I am a regular at the one close by me.

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